February 5th, 2008


[links] Link salad, miscellaneous edition

Man launches self into space? — The site is memes.org, there is zero external substantiation, and other headlines are about as weird. No matter how you slice it, this is strangely cool.

Some seriously lost tech — Remote detection of aircraft before radar, courtesy of Shorpy. See here for more on this kind of technology.

Freakanomics is having a contest for a six-word motto for the United StatesE pluribus unum, ars gratia pecunia.

Is the tipping point toast? — The tipping point and 'superinfluentials' in marketing.

The Edge of the American West on the American military experience in the Philippines — The reader is free to draw their own parallels.

scalzi is smart about Obama — Also quotes pnh being very smart about Obama.

[politics] Can't lose for winning

The churn-and-burn over McCain from the Right has me wondering if there's a quiet conservative strategy to sit out the next four years. The mess they've made is literally historic -- Iraq, Afghanistan/Pakistan, the Federal budget, climate denialism, the economy. The 1990s when Clinton was president were very good to conservative leaders -- the rise of Limbaugh and Fox, and the onset of the Permanent Majority (as it were) were fueled in the Clinton years by that angry sense of persecution and betrayal on which modern conservatism seems to thrive.

Right now conservatism is holding the bag for the most disastrous government in modern history. Four years of a Democratic presidency will give the still-mighty conservative commentariat political ammunition to last another decade or more. A blame-the-White-House electoral strategy could well drive Republican recovery (or gains) in House and Senate seats in 2010 and 2012. Every problem with the economy, Iraq and our role in the world will be portrayed as entirely the Democrats' fault within weeks of the inauguration. Then that much-needed sense of persecution can be stoked to revive the almighty base. (It's difficult to sell angry denunciation when your own guys made the mess, after all.)

Rope-a-dope, basically, and a nice, fully deniable hand-off of the flaming shit the Neocons have created.

(madwriter hits this same theme.)
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