February 23rd, 2008


[links] Link salad, jeffvandermeer edition

jeffvandermeer on challenging blogs — Including this one. Who knew?

jeffvandermeer (again) on the South Carolina Book Festival

Omnivoracious on the Nebula finalists — With a comment on Escapement Amazon ]. The book's first semireview!

A compendium of writing-related podcast activities — Including kind remarks about my own efforts.

The real Cyrano de Bergerac — "Cyrano as a gay anti-Catholic sci-fi writer with the pox..." (Thanks to AH.)

Shortlist announced for the year's oddest book titles — For example: If You Want Closure in Your Relationship, Start With Your Legs. (Thanks to AH.)

Electronic tattoo display runs on blood — Johnny and the Golden Needle Gun? I knew there was a reason to be glad we live in the twenty-first century. (Thanks to willyumtx.)

City of Vice — Be a Bow Street runner in this historical re-creation. (Thanks to danjite.)

The orgasm machine — Good news! Good news! (Thanks to GS.)

File sharing or stealing? — Semantics, the law and you.

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Currently reading: The Alphabet Versus the Goddess: The Conflict Between Word and Image, by Leonard Shlain Powell's | Amazon ]

[conventions] South Carolina Book Festival

It's been a great day at the South Carolina book festival.

After waking up early and working out, I had breakfast with jeffvandermeer and Ann VanderMeer. Once satiated, we headed down the block to the conference. I attended a mystery panel with Con Lehane, James O. Born and Julia Spencer Fleming, which was very entertaining.

After that I did the dealer room thing, except they call it the exhibitor room here. Jim Born then moderated a panel with Jeff, Ann and me on science fiction. That was a hoot, too. We followed that up with some autograph table time, during which the two booksellers sold out of Mainspring Powell's | Amazon | Audible ]. (The local Barnes and Noble had problems getting it in, they said.) There's also been a bit of a run on The River Knows Its Own Wheatland Press | Amazon ].

Rounded off the day with jeffvandermeer's Ambergris presentation, followed by me being on a rapid fire reading with an extremely varied slate of writers. Lots of fun. Off to the writer reception shortly. Best of all, the weather finally turned sunny and warm.

[audio] Podcast updated 2008-02-24

There's a new podcast up today. This is a recording of me interviewing Ann VanderMeer and jeffvandermeer about Weird Tales, Ministry of Whimsy Press, the New Weird (both the movement and their recent anthology of the same title), and steampunk (ditto the above). The interview was conducted Friday, February 22nd, at the South Carolina Book Festival.

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[conventions] "It's hard to dance with the devil on your back"

I danced tonight. Three glasses of wine and some good music will do that to a feller. Hair dancing was a Big Hit. About the time I got done leaping back and forth across the dance floor (yes, really) the bartender brought me a bottle of water. Apparently my state of near-expiration was visible across a seriously underlit room. I'm hoping my internal organs resume their usual positions by tomorrow morning's Brunching with the Authors event.

They party good here in South Carolina. Must. Sleep. Now.

How was your evening?