March 6th, 2008


[contest[ And the winner is...

The fabulous ARC contest, which was somewhat disrupted by the great disk crash of ought eight, has come to a conclusion. The voting poll is now closed. As you may recall, the challenge was to offer a limerick or haiku concerning why you should receive a rare ARC of Escapement Amazon ].

Without further ado, the winner is etcet with:
Lake dangles a prize;
Cavorting words hope to win.
"Dance for me, bitches!"

etcet, please drop me an email with your shipping info.

I also offered a special judge's prize of an gift card to my personal favorite. The card can be used for two Audible titles, including Mainspring Powell's | Amazon | Audible ] or any other title, including Old Man's War, A War of Gifts: An Ender Story or any of the Dune books. This is awarded at my sole discretion because it's my contest, dammit.

By strange coincidence, the winner is etcet with a different entry:
Limerick? Haiku?
Jedi do not crave such things.
Nantucket beckons.
Basically, I nearly wet myself laughing at that one the first time I read it.

There will be another contest shortly, so hang in there.

Remember, you heard it here first on roller derby.

[travel] Where's Jay?

This afternoon I am off to Rainforest Writers Village through Sunday. Given the quaint infrastructure in the Olympic Peninsula, it's possible I'll have no Web or email until Sunday evening. If this blog goes dark, you know why. Feel free to talk amongst yourselves.

Sunday night I'm off to Orlando on the red-eye for a three-day corporate function. I'll be back home late Wednesday night. I don't expect to be completely off-line then, but may be very limited in my posting time as well as my email access.

[audio] Podcast updated 2008-03-09

Yes, the dateline is early. There's a new podcast up today, post-dated to this coming Sunday. I'm putting it up early due to my upcoming travel schedule.

This is a recording of me interviewing Dr. Harry Turtledove about his life, his work and the Alternate History genre. The interview was conducted Saturday, February 16th, at Radcon 5.

Direct link is here. RSS feed is here or here, depending on which one your reader likes better. Though this episode won't be on iTunes until Sunday or Monday, the iTunes feed for my podcast is here. You can also simply search for "Jay Lake" or "Lakeshore" in the iTunes store, under the Podcast category.

This podcast and its contents are © 2008, Joseph E. Lake Jr.

Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License.

[links] Link salad for a Thursday

newroticgirl interviews me for — We talk about pets and fiction.

the_flea_king on fantasy tropes and why the Secondary World looks so much like the First World

debgeisler with a defrocked pirate writer poll — See her earier post about the relationship between SF writers and pirates here.

A few nice photos from the SC Book Festival — Jim Born, jeffvandermeer, Ann VanderMeer, me, and one of our hosts, Jeff Whose-Last-Name-Has-Slipped-My-Mund.

hal_obrien plays "Separated at birth?" with me and Bill Bailey

Language Log on copy editors and the that/which distinction — Funny stuff, if you like that sort of thing.

Cardboard furniture — This is not your sister's Barbie dream house. (Thanks to khaybee.)

140 year old math problem solved — Not, apparently, by an 140 year old man.

Butterflies Remember What They Learned as Caterpillars — But do they still fight crime? (Thanks to khaybee.)

One-way, one-person trip to Mars — The logic in this article is, well, interesting.

The Universe is 13.73 +/- .12 billion years old! — Ok, this is very cool. Some detailed analysis of the age and energy budget of the Universe.

Time in saddle: 0 minutes (I did about 90 minutes of heavy labor yesterday moving furniture and boxes, and my knees are still unhappy, so stayed off the bike this morning)
Last night's weigh-out: 278.4
This morning's weigh-in: 276.2
Currently reading: Field of Fire, by James O. Born Powell's | Amazon ]

[travel] Almost out of here

Hitting the road for Rainforest Writers Village with lasirenadolce in a couple of hours. As previously stated, I believe I'll be off the grid until Sunday night, whereupon I jet off to Orlando. Whilst idling in the wilderness, in addition to being Mr. Writer Guy at the Conference, I will be wrapping up revisions to "The Baby Killers", then diving deep and hard into Green.

Also, there will be cheese. Pastaworks is my last stop on the way out of town. Say "mmmmm" for me.

See some, all or none of you there.

[links] Link salad, going on break edition

A History of Today — Paul Kincaid on the modern history of SF. (Thanks to jeffvandermeer.)

Modular Snake Robots

oldcharliebrown on the relationship of on-line fiction to reading/yb reccos

cherylmmorgan points out this lake on Mars — One man, one mission, one way, >right?

F.B.I. Investigates Missing G.O.P. Money — Ah, that old conservative mainstay of fiscal responsibility. Plus ethics! I'm sure this all some liberal's fault.

Link salad will be enjoying several days in the Olympic Peninsula, amid the world's only temperate rain forest. Link salad will return sometime next week, possibly as early as Monday.