March 7th, 2008


[personal] Updating from the rain forest

Somewhat to my surprise, I am posting from Lake Quinalt. The Rainforest Writers Village is in full swing. There will be cheese today. (Oh, yes.) Lots of old friends here, and a scattering of the new.

Thought of yesterday: "The Speed of Time" would be a good title for a short story. Or possibly a novel.

Misheard last night: brendacooper discussing the sub-genre of Christian noir. Actually, she wasn't, but I kind of wish she had been.

Also, shsilver reviews Mainspring Powell's | Amazon | Audible ] at SF Site.

Time in saddle: 0 minutes (lasirendolce and I did a brisk 1.5 mile walk through the rainforest, with about 300 feet of elevation change)
Last night's weigh-out: 281.1
This morning's weigh-in: 275.0
Currently reading: Field of Fire, by James O. Born Powell's | Amazon ]

[photos] Life in the rainforest

Jay at Rainforest

ETA: This is now a caption contest! Leave your suggestions in comments below. As with the most recent contest, you're competing for an ARC of Escapement Amazon ]. As usual, there will be a voting poll to decide the winner.

I will also onc more invoke judge's discretion and award an gift card to my personal favorite. The card can be used for two Audible titles, including Mainspring Powell's | Amazon | Audible ] or any other title, including Old Man's War, A War of Gifts: An Ender Story or any of the Dune books.