March 9th, 2008


[personal] Update-o-rama

At the airport now. Flight's not for a while, but I'm going into low energy mode soonish, as the airline seat will be my only sleep tonight.

Clearing security in the evening is very different from doing it first thing as is my usual wont. The TSA folks are obviously tired and a bit fussy. The travelers at this hour are not experienced business travelers.

The two women in front of me (a mom and an adult daughter, I'm almost certain) were quite surprised that a container of shoe polish in their luggage was considered an aerosol, liquid or gel. Also they were quite surprised that their toothpaste was, since, and I quote, "But we hadn't opened this yet." Also, daughter to mom, "Did you put this in my luggage?" The various minor foofaraws around this entertained the rest of the security line as we stood waiting for a while for these two to clear the x-ray machine.

I got about 20% of the way through the deep line edit of Green this weekend. Going to do some more tonight, until my brain expires, then attempt to secure about 5 hours' sleep on the flight to Orlando. At least it's non-stop and I don't have to haunt DFW at 3 am or something.

Expect continued light blogging until Thursday. Or not, you never know.