March 12th, 2008


[travel] Off from Orlando

At the airport in Orlando (MCO). It looks like I'll catch an earlier flight home.

The security line here was the most bizarre I've ever been in, major airport or minor. There were plenty of screening stations, but they all faced a blank wall. As a result there was very intense (and confused) crowding to reach each machine. Many of the x-ray stations, including the one I went through, were in dead-end bays, so one passenger at a time could approach, unload their bags, set them on the belt, then walk back out, pushing past the other passengers to reach the walk-through scanner. This reduced line efficiency to absolute zero, as there were no prep tables and no way to unload in advance, or even move through in sequence.

The net effect was a passenger throughput some 400% or 500% in excess of the moronically minimal design capacity of the security area. I cannot imagine how a wheelchair passenger could be expected to pass through.

Clearly the TSA's human factors experts around here are drunken howler monkeys with severed corpus callosii. I cannot believe this is a major destination airport...the incompetence in the management and design here is boggling. (My arrival experience was beyond moronic.) I presume corruption in the airport authority, with services being contracted on the brother-in-law plan. No one can be this stupid by accident.

Home this evening, back on my normal schedule tomorrow.

[personal] Home, home again

Home. House is full of new stuff, including an African tribal throne and a 19th century German long case grandfather clock. Really, I ought to go out of town more often. Pictures and more explanations later, right now I have a flocati rug on my bed and I need to sleep rather badly.

Did a bunch of work on Green today. Keeping schedule there despite recent space shuttle and sloth adventures. Did I mention the party at BB King's Night Club in Orlando?