March 19th, 2008


[links] Link salad hump day edition

Caption contest voting poll is still open — Vote early, vote often!

kenscholes on revision — ...and how it has changed for him over time.

Gene Stewart with a Clarke obituary

The Neanderthal-Human Split: (Very) Ancient History

Some extended speculation about SETI from Centauri Dreams

Long distance wifi — "Tens of miles."

Cornell Ph.D. charged in German criminal case for using the title "Doctor" — Weird.

What Are the Odds You Survive an Airplane Crash?Freakonomics blog discussing a book on aircraft forensics. Mmm, good aisle seat reading the next time I fly.

Five Years of Iraq Lies — Juan Cole reviews the situation in Iraq from the point of view of the reality-based community. Unpopular, I know, but someone has to pay attention to the real world, and it ain't going to be this administration.

Atrios says something fascinating about conservative patriotism — "The narrative from the Right - and its representatives in the conservative religious community - is of an America which was once the garden of Eden, until its tragic fall at the hands of (feminists, liberals, civil rights movement, whatever), and they wish to bring the country back to its former state. Thus they can hate the America that is while dreaming of the perfect America that was. Thus there's no conflict between their unquestioned patriotism and their hatred of the country, as their patriotism is for the True America that was, not its current corrupted incarnation."

Barack Obama's speech

Time in saddle: 0 minutes (my knees hurt when I woke up, so I gave it a miss and rested them)
Last night's weigh-out: n/a
This morning's weigh-in: 276.8
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[personal] Siiiiiiick

Woke up with scratchy throat. By this afternoon I was headachey, passing out tired and down near room temperature IQ. Very mild cough, mild fever. I slept 3.5 hours, followed by a little bit of time outside in the sunlight with the_child, then watched Hogfather imdb ] with her. (I think it was pretty good, I'll report back after watching it in my right mind sometime.)

Sleep now. And hope like hell I'm well enough to drive to Norwescon tomorrow afternoon.

No writing today. None at all. Crap.