March 23rd, 2008


[audio] Podcast updated 2008-03-23

There's a new podcast up today. This is a recording of a reading I did at Potlatch 17 in Seattle, Washington. The story is "The Sky that Wraps the World Round, Past the Blue and Into the Black", a science fiction short story that appears in the current (March, 2008) issue of Clarkesworld Magazine story ]. If you like this piece, please support Clarkesworld Magazine.

Direct link is here. RSS feed is here or here, depending on which one your reader likes better. The iTunes feed is here. You can also simply search for "Jay Lake" or "Lakeshore" in the iTunes store, under the Podcast category.

[publishing] I get the strangest spam...publishing or a desperate cry for help?

FROM: potemkin@...
SUB: there is but one will, though the paths are many

I realize that, in this age of automated spam agents and artificial scripting that it is difficult to discern human intent--and human need--behind an anonymous email, but I reach out to you in a desperate hope that you will consider the possibility that I exist.

My Mosaic still lives. TH3y cannot stop it. Not as long as we believe.


[personal] Messages from my dreaming mind, virus edition

Recent postcards from my subconscious:

Extensively searching for Isambard Kingdom Brunel.

Hanging out with matociquala, who had transformed into a P-51D Mustang. When she flew off to flirt with a C-47 Gooney Bird, I used a competition bow to shoot off part of her control surfaces so she'd have to come back to my motel court.

Being at an upscale resort somewhere in the Louisiana delta where the sport of kings was stuffing condoms with freshly chopped organ meat, tying them off, then tossing them into the pool as gator bait.

Also, my subconscious decided that "Even Taikonauts Get the Blues" would be a great short story title.

And you people wonder why I write.