March 25th, 2008


[links] Link salad, Midwest edition

book_pimp on Escapement Amazon ] — Also some love there for timpratt's If There Were Wolves Amazon ]

Some of the reviews are out for Paper Cities — That one is very worth checking out.

Breakfast for Barry — A Hugo campaign of a reasonable sort. Check it out, give it consideration.

muneraven gets into an argument about the Hugos — Despite a certain amount of crabbiness all around, the comment thread is highly informative concerning the machinery of Hugo-dom, if you care about that sort of thing. Good on muneraven and kevinstandlee for having an interesting discussion.

The perils of Craigslist — This is just bizarre. Someone gave away a man's belongings on Craiglist. (Thanks to lillypond.)

Higgs bosons are us — CERN goes god hunting.

Weather Engineering China — Olympic sized ambitions.

Spirit, seen from space

NASA funding cut for Mars rovers Spirit and Opportunity will shut them down at least temporarily — This will save NASA $4 million dollars. To put this in perspective, $4 million funds about 15 minutes of the Iraq War. Gosh, I feel safer already.

California requires certification for home schoolers — I have strong (and unpopular) views on home schooling, but I can see why this makes a lot of people on all sides of the fence uncomfortable.

McCain's free ride from the press — It's like Bush in 2000 all over again. Your Liberal Media, hard at work distorting the truth for the benefit of conservatives.

[audio] Podcast updated 2008-03-25

There's a new podcast up today, a special out of sequence with the usual editorial calendar. This is a recording of me reading my short story "The Lizard of Ooze", a New Weird piece that first ran in Flytrap issue 4, and has recently been reprinted in The New Weird, edited by Ann and Jeff VanderMeer. See here for an interview with me about "The Lizard of Ooze" and the Dark Towns story cycle of which it is a part.

If you like this piece, please support Flytrap Tropism Press ], and check out The New Weird Powell's | Amazon ].

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