March 27th, 2008


[personal] "Give me back my wig, honey; now let your head go bald"

Setting aside all issues of empiricism, intellectual credibility, Christianist lies and and sheer wall-eyed silliness, the ultimate reason I can't believe in Intelligent Design is the fact that if the human body had been intelligently designed, the designer was a moron. Exhibit A, the drainage of my sinuses.

Not to mention my knees, my lower back, my digestive system, the system of childbirth and half a hundred other idiotic design compromises.

Just sayin'

[writing] Weird moments in writerly self-awareness

lasirenadolce pointed out something very weird in chat this morning. Since the beginning of 2006, I've written exactly one short story I haven't been able to sell (that in May, 2006). I have garnered plenty of rejections (112 in that same time frame, vs. 54 acceptances from paying markets), and still have older stories which never sold, and few recent ones out under consideration, but for a while now everything new I've written has found a home.

Weird milestone I never would have thought of myself. It makes me oddly self-conscious. (My response to feeling self-conscious is to blog about it, for two reasons: one, I'm running towards what makes me uncomfortable instead of running away; two, I've made a commitment to document my career journey here, even the parts which aren't particularly flattering of me. ETA: The sale ratio is not unflattering, me talking about it is — as if I were bragging.)


[links] Link salad for a Thursday morning in Omaha

The Stranger covers Norwescon

The Fractal Theory of Canada — So, does that mean canada(Fiction) Science Fiction?

Best Pic Ever — This is a rather amusing photoblog.

Fungus brainwashes ant, kills it slowly — Kind of like what high fructose corn syrup does to people, I think. (Thanks to goulo.)

Russian farmer sues space agency for falling rocket"Technologically speaking, these parts are supposed to fall off during a launch. They fly, they fall, they fly, they fall. It's how they work," said Roskosmos spokesman Alexander Vorobyov.

Creationist Bingo — (Thanks to lt260.)

Gay scientists isolate Christian gene — A cure is at hand! (Thanks to chrisbillett.)

[personal] MattCon and Omaha

Omaha Beach Party tonight was MattCon, celebrating matthewsrotundo's recent big win in Writers of the Future. garyomaha brought MattCon badges for all, I brought a cake (after various Hy-Vee related misadventures), and matthewsrotundo got a standing ovation.

Zzz now for the usual stupid-early flight tomorrow. Hoping to get some slam dunk time in on Green while planeward bound. Y'all play nice.