March 30th, 2008


[links] Link salad Sunday edition

Ruling Gives Heirs a Share of Superman Copyright

The stunning temples secretly carved out below ground by 'paranormal' eccentric — More on that underground temple complex in Italy. (Thanks to goulo.)

Awareness test — Heh. (Thanks to sheelangig.)

Fermi paradox related space oceans and life and pictorial tour of oceans in our solar system — Very cool stuff on origins of life.

Software for socialism — Allende's Chile, ca. 1972, was home to an attempt at (near) realtime economic management via networking and what we might now call decision support software. This in lieu of the static planned economy of socialist doctrine. Fascinating stuff.

The Internet? Bah! — A 1995 Newsweek column on why the Internet won't amount to anything.

Ensuring Permanence: The Bush Administration Is Negotiating a Long-Term Iraq Occupation — "[T]he American part of this [Iraq War] will be $1.7 billion. We have no plans for any further-on funding for this." Said by Andrew Natsios, Bush-appointed head of USAID, 4/23/03

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[personal] Even somewhat less bleh

9.5 hours of sleep last night. Still way over normal, but improving. Woke up feeling almost healthy.

Dinner last night with scarlettina, Karen Abrahamson, deedop, davidlevine, kateyule, snarke, lasirenadolce and the_child. All Green all the time today, pretty much.

Also, off to Vegas tomorrow for a trade show. Expect regular blogging service to resume next Friday.

[writing] The day goes on, Green not so much

Real Life intervened. Been off Green for several hours due to other commitments. Back on it now.

Important safety tip: When writing a long first person novel, be aware that many, many, many sentences start with "I". Lots and lots of them. Sometimes six or seven in a row.

Passive voice can only be used so often. Likewise, temporizing words. Beginning as you can sentences with inverted syntax is a limited technique as well. Subordinate clauses only.

Back to work, me.

[personal] Whither weather

The Three Stooges of the Apocalypse have apparently taken control of Portland's weather today. 50 degrees and sunny, rain, snow, peanut sized hail, all at varying intervals. The neighborhood around Nuevo Rancho Lake currently looks like Currier & Ives on meth.

Spring, where art thou?

I hope tomorrow's better weather for flying.

[fiction] "G.O.D."

I'm continuing to post reprints of my fiction here on this blog. Watch for the tag "fiction," as in

The current installment in this series is my short story "G.O.D." At 1,200 words, this originally appeared in Greetings From Lake Wu Powells | Amazon | Traife Buffet ]. If you like the story, please consider supporting Wheatland Press and Traife Buffet.


by Jay Lake

G: Godstalk

Gods died. Everyone understood that. János just didn't understand why it had to be his problem. They gave him ropes and tools and maps and told him to do the right thing. No one provided any details on how to choose a god.

"Get out there and bring us back a good one," Ferenc had said, handing him grandpa's best stalk-pick. "Glad it's not me," his brother added.

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