April 2nd, 2008


[tech] Posting by phone

4,000 rooms in this hotel, and the Internet speed is about 2400 baud right now. LJ won't load at all. And with my phone MIA, I can't hop on EVDO and use mobile broadband. Limited blogging today, while I go on the Quest for My Phone.


Frustrated in Las Vegas

[personal] Updating from Sin City

Not so much sin here, mostly tech geeks and small town America on vacation. The phone she is like Clementine, lost and gone forever. Luckily I had kept the repair-and-replacement rider on my Sprint plan, so a $50 deductible and a wait of several days will solve my problems. If you, like, actually talk to me or SMS with me, hang loose. I'll be back.

Senators Edwards and Thompson are keynoting the morning session tomorrow. That ought to be interesting. Then some floor show touring, and I'm off to the airport in the afternoon. Won't get home til Quite Late tomorrow night.

Not much of anything done in the writing world since turning Green in, but that was, um, two days ago, so I guess I can cut myself some slack. I need to do some reading, but also have some details to chase.

I'll be in the house at Nuevo Rancho Lake Friday through the following two weeks. the_child has a Do-Jump performance Sunday (two shows), at the first of which lasirenadolce, tillyjane and I will be ushering.

It'll be nice to be home.