April 15th, 2008


[links] Link salad for a taxing day

Happy Tax Day!

Me, on numbers — From last night. And yes, I am very mildly synesthetic. I wonder how many writers are?

A review of my recent Clarkesworld story, "The Sky That Wraps the World Round, Past the Blue and Into the Black" — Some folks have liked this story a lot. You can read it here at Clarkesworld.

Bethesda Start-Up Makes Writing a Little Less Lonely — Crowd-sourcing fiction? Hmm... (Thanks to danjite.)

Toward a Quantum Internet — Entangled photons over distant fiber. I always thought "Spooky Action at a Distance" was a great name for a rock band.

What is the value of space exploration?

The ice man sitteth — More historical goodness from Shorpy. That's a hell of a photo.

A Renegade Against Greenpeace — One of the co-founders of Greenpeace talks about why he is pro-nuke. (Thanks to danjite.)

Craigslist and eBay: Terrorist arms bazaars of DEATHThe Register takes on the GAO's fear-mongering over online arms sales. Certainly it's much more efficient to have the national security folks handle it directly. Anyone remember Oliver North? Anyone?

Obama would ask his AG to "immediately review" potential of crimes in Bush White House — Say, promoting torture? Nah, that's unpatriotic of me to suggest that behaving in profoundly unAmerican ways is unpatriotic. Remember kids, it's ok if you're a Republican.

Cheney, Torture and the Chance to Restore the Rule of Law — I'm sympathetic to this argument, but as I recall, our courts have been pretty consistent in holding that Constitutional rights do not automatically apply to non-citizens. Hence, torturing non-Americans is certainly illegal, but I'm not sure there's a case to be made for it violating the 8th Amendment. But I'm neither an attorney nor a constitutional scholar. Nor a Republican. (Thanks to my Aunt M.)

Dick Cheney was never a "grown-up" — A fascinating look at the history of one of modern America's greatest villains. (Thanks to my Aunt M.)

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