April 18th, 2008


[lj] Comment threading is still highly erratic

Are people having the comment threading problem on their LJs? This is enough to drive me to WordPress or some such, with an LJ feed.

ETA: It was a problem with my style. I've selected a new style, as advised, and lost a great deal of customization, but comments work correctly. How the old style, which was stable for several years, suddenly melted is beyond me.
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[links] Link salad, Friday serving

Agent Janet Reid on the value of mistakes — Interesting stuff. I'm all about daring to be bad. Our own perceptions of quality are sometimes a writer's worst enemy.

Star Trek for the dead — (Thanks to lt260.)

Evil Monkey's guide to kosher imaginary animals — Hahahahahahahahah.

Did I.B.M. Really See a World Market "For About Five Computers"? — A debunking of one of the funnier quotes floating around in .sig files.

Car defaced, with bad punctuation — The last line of this story is worth the read.

"I'm getting a ticket? For what?" — Dept. of Stupid-Americans.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s an 800mph jet car — Man...wow...I really do admire wretched excess, I guess.

Cranky business memos within al-Qaeda — (Thanks to biomekanic.)

Bush's disapproval ratings — Remember when the liberal media was all about how unpopular a president Clinton was, because his approval ratings were below 50%? Heard much about Bush's approval ratings from those dastardly liberals in the media?

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