May 9th, 2008


[cancer] "I was waiting on the pad / all systems were go"

The fear is gone this morning. Well, not gone, but sitting in its cubbyhole like an kindergarten hamster. The big Fear is lurking with it. I can't guarantee they won't return, but for now I am a millpond.

lasirenadolce has done a Production Book. We're calling this whole festival "Pink Macaroni". This thing is amazing, and when the dust settles a bit, one of us will post about it in detail. Basically it lets my family and friends know everything about my condition, preferences, medical situation, contingency plans, and so forth. Something happens, good or bad, all they do is look in the book.

In other words in times of stress that means less thinking, more caring.

They have promised me part of the colon section back in a jar. Imagine the endless possibilities for humor (or a charity auction donation). My (step)mother observed that I need to get one of my friends to knit me a colon cozy.

As for this morning, I am heading for the hospital dressed like I'm going to a con. May as well go to battle with all flags flying. the_child left me a sweet note last night after I went to bed (and I did sleep well). I'll have the knitted tumor kateyule made for me, which I've asked to have as soon as they'll let me in recovery or the surgery ward.

"NO TUBE" is written on my right nostril in Sharpie. "NOT HERE" is written on each elbow, per a suggestion in comments. The house is being made ready for me to return sometime next week.

All that's left is to go.

As the man said, I'll be back.

I love you all.

Jay update

Hi everyone. Jay has been out of surgery since about 1:30pm. It lasted 5 hours and went exactly as planned. No surprises! He is currently in the recovery room being groggy. More later because right now I have to go try to breathe.

- Adrienne
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Guest Blog: Punning in Recovery

Trailer Boy here, aka kenscholes. I just got home from Jay's bedside in recovery at OHSU and I'm happy to say our boy is doing well. He was awake and witty, making puns without remorse. He was waiting for a room to empty so he could be transferred up.

A couple of highlights of Jay's first post-op interview: When Adrienne ushered me in, Jay quickly told me that I couldn't hold his hand but I should feel free to touch his forehead. Over the course of too many puns to recall, he shared that his number one fear is that because his colon is now shorter, his poop may be smaller. He was grateful and relieved that the surgery went well and grateful for the outpouring of support from all his friends. He fully intends to put his bit of removed colon into a jar. He says he will use it during writing workshops to FINALLY teach others "the proper use of a semi-colon." Then, he told me I should take the old Lakeshore LJ out for a spin and tell everyone how he's doing.

At some point, he fell asleep and I slipped out to give his parents time. Adrienne took me up to meet his aunts and see his sister and niece. They all told me to pass their thanks to you for your love and support.

Our boy is doing fine. More to come later via Adrienne.

Trailer Boy out.