June 6th, 2008


[personal] “So you say it’s your birthday”

Well, I am now 44. Actually, since I was born in Taiwan, I think I turned 44 sometime yesterday evening. And I had a decent night’s sleep again, so I’ll be able to enjoy the day.

As a birthday present to myself, I’m announcing today my new Web site at jlake.com. I’ve held that domain for years, with a series of fairly lame handcoded html pages. Thanks to Jeremy Tolbert’s excellent design and coding skills, I now have a dynamic site with integrated podcasting, blogging, and even an updated bibliography!

Go check it out.

You’ll also notice I’m now blogging from WordPress at the site, with a cross-post here to LJ. Everything there will be here, while occasional LJ-only features such as polls will still be here. So if you read me on f-list, nothing will change. If you’d prefer to read me on WordPress or RSS, you can pick it up there.

Meanwhile, I am on to my day.

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[links] Link salad, birthday edition

SF Signal with a make-up Mind Meld featuring me — I bloviate on scientific accuracy in SF.

Bathtub cheese — Mmm. Or maybe not.

Lightning guns — What every homeboy needs.

Charles Taylor’s one wheel experiments — Not exactly a unicycle, but wow…

Sheep flatulence inoculation developed — I can haz less fartz, pleez? (Thanks to lt260.)

How can you fail to read only the word California? — Another fascinating bit on neurolinguistic deficits from Language Log.

Strange Maps with a 1942 New World Order — Rather creepy. Good alternate history stuff, though.

A lot more than you wanted to know about the physics and sociology of traffic — Cool piece, though.

10 airports install body scanners — Security theater goes porno! (Thanks to my Aunt M.)

6/6/08 (my 44th birthday)
Time in saddle: 0 minutes (still recovering from surgery)
Last night’s weigh-out: n/a
This morning’s weigh-in: 260.8
Currently reading: The Alchemy of Stone by Ekaterina Sedia Amazon ]

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[personal] And I am off

Took a nap after work, which probably means no progress on Green today. I am now wearing pants, which feels very weird after all this time pantless. We’re about to head and pick up the_child from her Do Jump class, then meet my parents at the Chart House for a quiet birthday dinner.

I leave you with this thought. “Ficta” seems to me like a very good word we should be using in criticism and critique, meaning units of fiction. A “fictum” would be the singular, I suppose. As in, “This story has a lot problems, but there is a series of ficta in the closing scenes which are worth rewriting for.”

How would you use “ficta/fictum” in a sentence?

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