June 7th, 2008


[personal] JayCon VIII is today

In celebration of both my natal anniversary and my recent triumph over cancer, JayCon VIII, my 8th annual 37th birthday party, is today, Saturday, June 7th, here in Portland from 2 to 5 pm at the Flying Pie in SE Portland. Come help me celebrate both my birthday and the life that I get to keep on living.

Flying Pie Pizzeria
7804 SE Stark Street
Portland, 97215
(503) 254-2016
[ Google Maps ]

(At his own request Paul Carpentier continues to be specifically not invited.)

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[links] Link salad for JayCon

ericjamesstone with a review of Mainspring Powell's | Amazon thb | Audible ] — An interesting and thoughtful take on the book from a friend of mine.

ANZ to Power 747 With Weed

How to document funny — (Thanks to lt260.)

New “superpaper” stronger than cast iron — This has a lot of amazing possibilities. (Thanks to Chris Johnson.)

Life and Death of the Canvendish Banana — Ah, monoculture.

“Strengths and Weaknesses” — More anti-evolution idiocy in education. Repeat after me, people: “Faith doesn’t have to make you stupid.”

Tales from the editorial board room — How Your Liberal Media covered the Iraq War. (Hint: “Liberal media” is one of the biggest lies in modern political history.)

6/7/08 (JayCon VIII)
Time in saddle: 0 minutes (still recovering from surgery)
Last night’s weigh-out: n/a
This morning’s weigh-in: 261.4
Currently reading: The Alchemy of Stone by Ekaterina Sedia Amazon ]

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