June 25th, 2008


[language] Can’t sleep, palindromes will eat me

Light sleeper tonight. Not medical issues, more like one of my once-every-week-or-ten-days not quite sleeping heavily. For some reason, my mind has been racing on palindromes. I don’t mean good ones, I mean more along the lines of “Bacon’s town wots no cab.”

Here’s a few others Fred coughed up in the dark:

“O, had I but stub Idaho.”
“Sax Etta at Texas.”
“Some gals slag emos.”
“May drawer reward yam.”
“Emit not on time.”

Each of those has some meaning, if you torture them enough. I also got to thinking about palindromic phrases, such as:

“and DNA”
“race car”
“sward draws”

What does this mean? Heck if I know. I think my story processor blew a vacuum tube or something.

What’s your favorite palindrome?

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[help] Anyone get The New Yorker

Any of you guys get The New Yorker? I’m interested in the IVR article from the 6/23/08 issue, abstracted here. I’ll cover mailing expense if someone can send me the issue in question.

ETA: And I now have several magnificent volunteers from the audience. Thank you!

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[links] Link salad for hump day

Fantasy Book Critic reviews Escapement Amazon ] — I think he liked it.

SCI FI WIRE covers Escapement

Boing Boing gives a shout out to this year’s Campbell nominees

PS Publishing talks about me, a little

The art of Eric Tan — This is very cool. Now on my daily browse.

PETA Targets Computer Programmers With String Of Bizarre Protests — I’m pretty damned sure I’m not believing this, but it’s still funny. (Thanks to lt260.)

Australian experience with fisheries restriction — A hot issue here in the Pacific Northwest, to be sure. (Thanks to lt260.)

Dynamic tower skyscraper — Fascinating a number of levels. (Snurched from Gizmodo.)

How to masturbate an elephant — This blog post is the reason the Internet was invented. All done now.

More on Dobson and Obama — A terrific rant from the Christian Left.

White House Refused to Open Pollutants E-Mail — More conservative “la-la-la, I can’t hear you” on global warming. Literally, in this case. (Snurched from theinferior4.)

Standing ovation for Clinton’s return to Washington — I believe I’ll be donating to help retire her campaign debt.

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