July 8th, 2008


[links] Link salad for an Omaha Tuesday

elfs with a review of Trial of Flowers Powell's | Amazon ]

I wish that son of a gun would take that other hand out of his pocket.The Edge of the American West (a history blog) comments on Robert Heinlein, libertarianism and sex. Definitely worth the read.

Bird on a Wire - Flying Wing UAV Recharges on the Fly — A UAV which leeches power from existing lines. Man, this is very cyberpunk.

Galaxy evolution and the language of violence — Interesting essay on galaxy formation, and the way astronomers discuss it.

Freakonomics on climate change — Once again, this blog is challenging my conceptions, though in a rather lateral way. This post discusses a paper which looks at the historical relationship between climate change and economic crisis, with some unexpected (to me) results.

Nanotube Radio — Tunage for your gray goo! Seriously, this is some way cool ultraminiaturization. (Thanks to lt260.)

Deeply awesome Antactic photography — (Also thanks to lt260.)

Obama and FISA — Between this and his faith-based announcement, I’m starting to feel a little played here. I realize politics is politics, and he needs to capture a bigger tent than the corner where I happen to stand, but the FISA stuff is b.s. The whole point of his campaign is to roll back the radically extra-Constitutional agenda conservatives have foisted on this country in name of “security.” I can wrap my head around the faith-based stuff, that’s always been part of his positioning, it just disappoints me. (Thank to my Aunt M.)

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sitioning, it just disappoints me. (Thank to my Aunt M.)

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[cancer] A few small updates

In no particular order:

On the second flight yesterday, I went back to the sudoku. I worked it slowly and carefully, and managed the basic and intermediate puzzles with only a few correctable errors. The advanced puzzle still defeated me. As goulo has pointed out to me, that could be an issue of practice as much as an issue of cognitive capacity.

Coconut flakes, soy yogurt and fresh fruit have been procured for breakfast and snacks. It’s a weird combination to be eating, and so far the soy yogurt tastes like hell to me. I will be seeking out fresh vegetables and white meat at lunch and dinner to balance this out.

Additional minor medical TMI under cut for reader mercy:

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[politics] The global warming clown car

Here’s a squib I just heard on NPR, and then picked up on that bastion of pinko liberalism, The Washington Post: Cheney Aides Altered CDC Testimony, Agency Official Says. That would specifically be testimony on “the health threats posed by global warming.”

We know from prior episodes that there was wholesale censorship at NASA of climate change information, even in press releases. So just to be clear — my conservative friends tell me global warming is a myth, not supported by scientific evidence. Meanwhile, our conservative administration censors that scientific evidence, bolstering the conservative view on global warming. How tidy.

Nice work if you can get it, but supremely unsurprising for the intellectually bankrupt amoralists who compromise the contemporary Republican party. Here’s the punchline, though, what had me laughing out loud in the car:

According to NPR (not cited in the WaPo story), Cheney’s office has stated the edits were made because the testimony was contradicted by the findings of UN scientists.

This would be the same UN Republicans have loathed with a passion for the past half-century and worked actively to undermine for the past quarter-century? The same UN that was so wrong on Saddam’s WMDs that Cheney’s office had to establish the Iraq Study Group to end run around the UN as well as the vast majority of the US intelligence community? The UN which is simultaneously the laughingstock and bugaboo of conservative cranks from coast to coast?

I don’t know about you, but I’m not irredeemably stupid. In this context, that is the most bizarre political explanation I can imagine, especially coming from Cheney’s office. It doesn’t even begin to pass the giggle test.

But hey, no scientific evidence, right? The UN says so, it must be true. Nothing to see here, please move along citizens or we’ll move you.

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[personal] Flat in the middle with you

Working at home, I sometimes forget how exhausting an office can be. Everyone is being tremendously supportive, but there’s nowhere to lie down at lunch.

I’d planned to write tonight, but came home early, ate light from the Chinese restaurant down the street, and have been slowly handling email and administrative stuff ever since. I’m flat again. Which is to be expected, given the general stress of travel et cetera. I’m hoping I’m not bottomed out all week — I really need to get this novella finished, and I want all my energy for San Francisco.

As usual, I may have bitten off more than I can chew. I am taking it very easy outside my firm obligations in order to compensate.

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