July 13th, 2008


[links] Belated Sunday link salad

A dark sky over Death Valley — Another brilliant image from APOD.

Things Skippy Can’t Do — If you’ve ever worked in, or with, IT, this is hilarious. Not utterly work-safe, but not obviously troublesome. (Thanks to lt260.)

The Other FamilyFamily Circus cartoons, recaptioned in a rather NSFW and amazingly funny way. Not for the squeamish. (Thanks to willyumtx.)

Pictures from the sky — Fascinating aerial images. (From Mark Hamzy via willyumtx.)

A lost world made by women — Feminism, 13th century style.

Church Cancels Teen Gun Giveaway — Wow. That’s, um, Christlike of them. (Thanks to lt260.)

Upcoming New Yorker cover showing the Obamas as terrorists — Your Liberal Media, hard at work. This is just fucking disgusting. (And I use the obscenity quite deliberately.)

Time in saddle: 0 minutes (travelling)
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[travel] Spending the weekend down by the bay

It was a good weekend, but somehow my blog index was much lower than normal. Comes of being in single-tasking health, I guess.

Friday afternoon I got to San Francisco. Had a nice lunch down in Cole Valley with calendula_witch, then went to my Balboa Park pied-a-terre and crashed out until therinth and Mr. Therinth picked me up for a dinner in San Jose with zellandyne and her guy.

Saturday morning I headed down to Santa Cruz, a trip interrupted by a brief but paperwork-free roadside interview with the po-po: “Sir, using a cell phone while driving is illegal in California.” “I’m from Oregon, I didn’t know.” “Well, then get out of here, but don’t do it any more.” (He was very courteous, as was I.) Down in Santa Cruz I spent an hour on KUSP with Lyle Troxell and a cast of half a dozen, including Rick Kleffel. The Trashotron podcast of the radio segment is here.

After that it was back up to San Francisco, another nap, then off to Borderlands Books, followed by SF in SF, all of which was great good fun. dinogrl and dave_gallaher showed up at the store, but there was a logistical mixup about dinner and they didn’t connect after. Terry Bisson hosted me and Susan Palwick for SF in SF, where after a brief memorial discussion of Tom Disch, she read a rather dark and twisted piece, I read the equally cheerful “The Goat Cutter”, then we all interviewed each other.

Afterwards, camillemulan gave me a book for the_child, her graphic novel Raggedy Chan about the experience of being a Chinese girl in America. It came with a lovely doll. the_child was quite thrilled.

Today was an early Vegan breakfast with mine hostess, then I hopped an early flight home. A very good trip to the Bay Area, but I am happy to be back in my own little home (however briefly).

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[politics] Manchurian candidancies

One of the more ridiculous persistent memes from the Republicans in this election cycle is that idea that Obama is some kind of Manchurian candidate on a secret mission for Islamic terrorism.

Which is a bizarre accusation from a party whose candidate spent five and a half years in a Communist prison camp, signed false confessions for the purposes of anti-American propaganda — quite literally a potential Manchurian candidate.

(To belabor the obvious, I would find such an accusation against McCain to be utterly without merit. I merely point out that his opportunity for brain washing and deep programming was considerably more substantial than Obama’s childhood years in Indonesia.)

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