August 6th, 2008


[links] Link Salad ere I light out for the WorldCon territories

A reader reacts to Mainspring Powell's | Amazon thb | Audible ] — Reading this review, I think I’ve realized something important about Mainspring I didn’t know before. It’s written in a dialectic of faith. I’ll need to explore and comment on this further when I have time. (Escapement, on the other hand, is definitely not written in that dialectic.)

Centauri Dreams bets on solar sails

G.O.P. Drops in Voting Rolls in Many States — After all those years of Republiaan triumphalism, this couldn’t happen to a nicer party. O Permanent Majority, where art thou?

Our Gilded AgeThe Edge of the American West with a transcript of Bush 41 and Bush 43 talking to Rush Limbaugh. Note the reference to “Our man Ailes.” That would be the same Ailes who is the news director of “fair and balanced” FOX News. Yep, no bias at that network — just ask any conservative! (Note for those who are not media geeks: Ailes was one of Reagan’s key campaign strategists. Nowhere in the ‘liberal’ media will you find a Democrat of similar stature working as a news director.)

Bundler Collects From Unlikely Donors — Campaign finance wonkery, for the most part, concerning rather shady Republican fundraising. Also this just in, sun rose in east this morning. The gem in the story is this money shot: The McCain campaign saying “”We strictly follow campaign finance law.” Hahahaha. Except when they don’t. There’s an extremely clear case for the McCain campaign having egregiously violated the McCain-Feingold Act when they pledged their Federal matching funds as loan collateral, then later turned around and withdrew from the Federal matching funds. That’s the kind of Straight Talk you’ll have trouble finding in Your Liberal Media, on account of all that liberal bias, but there’s a very real lawsuit going on over it right now.

Time in saddle: 0 minutes (long city walk this morning)
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[conventions] Updated WorldCon schedule

Friday, August 8th

11:30 am — To be Announced: we pick the panel, audience picks the topic
I am moderating Greg Bear, Connie Willis and Chris Garcia. This will be a drop-down laff riot.

1:00 pm — The History of the Campbell Award
I am moderating with Dr. Schmidt. Which mostly means he will talk, I think, since his experience of this history is all first hand. I really hope Chris Garcia and Jim van Pelt can be there, because they’ll get bumped onto the panel if they show up.

5:30 pm — Sidewise Awards
Mainspring Powell's | Amazon thb | Audible ] is up for this award, though I am highly doubtful of my odds given the excellent competition.

10:00 pm — Match Game SF
kevinstandlee will be running this hilarious topical remake. I will present for the first round only, with some of my books on tap as prizes.

Saturday, August 9th

9:00 am — Strolling With the Stars
Me, Frank Wu and Stu Segal, I believe. Though if I’m up rattling around, I’m likely to appear on other days.

10:00 am —Kaffeeklatch
Sign up that morning for an hour with my undivided attention.

2:00 pm —Rosenbaum/Lake/Strange Horizons Party
In the SFWA suite at the Sheraton.

2:30 pm —Signing
The astute reader may notice a schedule conflict here. Ahem.

5:30 pm — Hugo Reception and Ceremony
I will be making a very special announcement at the reception, and I will be presenting the Campbell Tiara at the ceremony.

Sunday, August 10th

11:30 am — Making a living telling lies

Failing all else, I’m likely to be in the bar, whichever bar seems most likely.

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[conventions] WorldCon Day 1

Well, it’s definitely a WorldCon. We blew down from Laramie fairly early. Oddly, I was able to get my room at the Hyatt Regency around 10 am. That was good because it allowed me to unpack and take a rest break. Then it was off to the terribly long reg line, a lunch with Ken and Jen Scholes, John Pitts and Rani Graff. After that I hit the room again, then dealt with some too-complex logistics concerning the upcoming party.

Mid-afternoon I hit the dealer’s room, scored my Secret Project stuff for Saturday’s Hugos, signed some books, tasted chocolate honey, and schmoozed like crazy. Dinner and parties followed to midnight, including a couple of bouts of BarCon.

Tomorrow I have a business breakfast, a business dinner, and a two-hour stretch at the SFWA table. The true madness will reign Friday and Saturday.

Definitely a WorldCon. See some, all or none of you here.

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