August 27th, 2008


[links] Link salad for a Wednesday

What the Duck on the creative cycle — Um, yeah. I have no idea what they’re talking about. Not me. Uh uh.

Some awesome fantasy art — (Thanks to goulo.)

martinlivings earns himself a special place in hell — I love mashups like this. Hahahahahahahahahah.

Google Earth Reveals Sixth Sense of Cattle, Deer — This story is weird on several levels.

Jet man ready for cross-Channel attempt after ‘awesome’ test flight — Now this is insanity I can get behind. Just not too closely behind. (Thanks to lt260.)

Intel teases shape-shifting programmable matter — Oooh. Cool.

Portal to Maya Underworld Found in Mexico? — And here I thought the mouth to hell was in my garage. Cool stuff, this. (Thanks to lt260.)

kradical with more conservative insanity on FOX News — Come on, guys. This defies rational explanation. Can one of my conservative friends offer any redeeming explanation? Because basically, your guys are fucking nuts. (And yes, I’m perfectly aware that there are plenty of batshit liberals out there. None of them are running the camera cards on a major news network, however. Or being leading radio and television commentators, for that matter. Or serving as the sitting vice president.)

ETA: Color me fooled. goulo points out this was a joke. A sadly believable one, but still, shame on me for not checking this back to the source. My apologies.

Time in saddle: 25 minutes (switched back to non-load-bearing exercise)
Last night’s weigh-out: n/a
This morning’s weigh-in: 238.0
Currently reading: The Gone-Away World by Nick Harkaway

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[personal|travel] Planning ahead

Looking down the road apiece, I see a few things. I’m going mostly offline this weekend to work on some writing related program activities, prep for Tourbillion and catch some headspace. A blogging holiday, and mostly an email holiday. If that works well I may try to do it every couple of months.

Off to Omaha next week for Day Jobbe. Off to San Francisco the week after that for a trade show. The weekend after that I’ll be in Redmond, WA for Foolscap.

I expect to be back in Omaha three or four more times between Labor Day Week and the end of the year. I’ll be at FenCon in October, then World Fantasy at the end of October, then OryCon in November, which pretty much closes out the con season for 2008.

Next year I’m writer GoH at RustyCon, Toastmaster at RadCon, doing a writer-in-residence gig at an East Coast prep school, then going to China for two weeks in April with the_child, her mother and my parents. This will unfortunately cause me to miss Norwescon, which is the first time since 2000 I won’t be there.

I know I’ll be at WorldCon in Montreal and World Fantasy in San Jose, but my convention travel is otherwise going to be very limited due to the time and expense of the China trip.

There will eventually be a more official calendar, but all this is just in case you were wondering. You know.

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[books] The Gone-Away World

I’m currently reading an ARC of Nick Harkaway’s The Gone-Away World (Knopf, September, 2008). It’s a hell of a book, I have to say.

It’s about what you would have gotten if Booth Tarkington and James Joyce had sobered up and collaborated on some post-apocalyptic cyberpunk.

Full report later when I’m done, but I strongly suggest you go pre-order this sucker from your local bookseller, or, because I think we have a winner here.

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