September 19th, 2008


[process] Plot Synopses II

Through the might power of his perch at, fantasy novelist Joshua Palmatier (a/k/a jpsorrow) has propelled the Plot Synopsis Project II, collecting comments and sample synopses from a number of working writers, including your humble proprietor. Without further ado:

Alma Alexander (Will post on the 20th instead.)

Sam Butler

Diana Pharaoh Francis

Daryl Gregory

Simon Haynes

My own recent comments (with links back to earlier posts on the same subject) and some synopses as downloadable files

Kelly McCullough

Joshua Palmatier

Jeri Smith-Ready

Jennifer Stevenson

Edward Willett

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[links] Link salad for a Friday

Rules on Bioengineered Animals — FDA to Release Guidelines for Stages of Genetic Modification. (Thanks to lt260.)

On Stellar Migrations and HabitabilityCentauri Dreams discusses the idea of a galactic habitable zone. Take that, “Nightfall”!

God Hates Poor PeopleWondermark on teaching the controversy. Score!

Conservatives Scare More Easily Than Liberals, Say Scientists — Facile as this story is, it makes a sad kind of sense. The politics of fear are the conservative brand, pretty much. So is the production of fear, unfortunately.

Freakonomics on the recent financial upheavals — Confidential to GOP in America: How’s that whole deregulation thing working out, anyway? Also, President Bush, call your office. Financial meltdown in progress.

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[personal] Updatery of the lowest order

Having banged out my two hours on the keyboard today (and nothing improves a mood like writing, I swear), I am going to Take the Evening Off From Fiction.

Heading out quite early tomorrow to hike Angel’s Rest with tillyjane. It’s a stupidly vertical trail, though not the worst around here. the_child has demurred thus far, despite my copious paternal blandishments. If the weather is any kind of decent, there should be a few nice photos tomorrow.

Expect delayed blogging tomorrow, followed by a weekend of writing and mucking about with FenCon workshop stories.

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[photos] Mainspring pony play

Loyal readers of this blog may recall the recent outbreak of Mainspring Powell's | Amazon thb | Audible ] fan art cited herein [ | LiveJournal ].

With the connivance of newroticgirl I was able to procure said fan art via eBay. (The seller had said it was partially inspired by Mainspring.) Without further ado, the reveal:

Collapse )

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