September 22nd, 2008


[politics] Just say ‘NO’ to the $700 billion bailout

As A Tiny Revolution says, “Congress obviously can propose a much better plan of its own, but the first thing to do is kill this monstrosity.”

See his resource page here.

Like I said yesterday [ | LiveJournal ], it doesn’t matter what your politics are. Do you honestly feel giving this (or any) administration a $700 billion slush fund under conditions which explicitly forbid agency or judicial review is a good idea?

And quite frankly, if we want to give away $700 billion no strings attached to save the economy, why not rewrite or forgive a bunch of those bad mortgages? That would do the United States and its citizens a lot more good than rescuing the careers of a few thousand lobbyists and banking executives. A government giveaway is a government giveaway, let’s at least give it to the people who need it.

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[links] Link salad for a meltdown Monday

Harpy Meals Are In — James Gurney with a curious reflection on pop culture. Plus art.

Building a Self-Assembling Stomach-Bot — Cool stuff Near-future medical tech, and especially interesting to me given my elevated levels of awareness concerning GI tract medical imaging.

The most alien-looking place on Earth — (Thanks to willyumtx.)

A Nation of Masochists — Juan Cole asks the same question I keep asking. Why is anyone a likely Republican voter this year? The GOP has thoroughly betrayed its own conservative principles, and hasn’t had anything to offer moderates or liberal-progressives since before the rise of Ronald Reagan. Who’s left except the masochists? But he asks the question better than I do, with a detailed catalog of the disasters of Republican governance.

When Atheists Attack — A noted provocateur rips Sarah Palin—and defends elitism. (Thanks to lt260.)

Jesus It’s Time For the Rapture! Please Take the Idiots to Heaven Now! — A former evangelical leader talks about the Religious Right. Money shot: “To understand the 2008 Republican ticket you have to understand that it’s driven by and supported by, self-pity. Palin’s legion of rubes (or people pretending to be rubes now such as McCain) perceive themselves as victims of all those smart people who hate God!” (Thanks to lt260.)

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[publishing] Reminder about the Footprints anthology

Don’t forget to warm up your keyboards for the Footprints anthology from Hadley Rille Books, edited by Eric Reynolds and yours truly. Guidelines here. Submissions are open through November 15th, so you’ve got some time.

We’re hoping for some strong stories from both newcomers and more established writers. Make me proud, people, make me proud.

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