September 27th, 2008


[photos|cancer] The Jay Lake Tumor Memorial Statue

kehrli has taken a photo of a piece of public art in Bellingham, WA, which in fact does bear a remarkable resemblance to my tumor of last spring.

Separated at birth? We report, you decide. (Warning, actual medical imaging below the cut, for comparison purposes. Tumor © 2008 by my colon.)

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[links] Link salad, Foolscap edition

karindira on sending her Youngest Daughter off to college — A very beautiful piece of personal writing.

Forensic Fishing — Fighting crime with techniques from marine ecology.

The shifting defintion of fascism — The recent effort on the part of conservative America to proclaim the Left as fascist is bizarre enough as it is. I had no idea they were being supported by lexicographers.

The Future of U.S. Science Policy — Some thoughts on repairing the damage to American competitiveness and leadership wreaked by the GOP’s anti-science agenda.

Body movement: 60 minute suburban walk
Last night’s weigh-out: n/a
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[conventions] Foolscap on the run

I’m here at Foolscap. Arrived a little after 2 pm yesterday, spent some time yesterday after hanging out and (ahem) napping.

Had a 5 pm panel on why we attend SF conventions, followed by a debate party in scarlettina’s room, where about eight of us hung out, ate pizza and howled with laughter at the debate.

Later, opening ceremonies followed by SF Mad Libs followed by some lobby chat followed by an 11 pm bedtime. Up at 5 to write for an hour and forty-five minutes, then lead (sort of) a group walk, then breakfast, then more writing, then blogging.

And now, I’m about to go commit panel again…

Y’all play nice.

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