September 29th, 2008


[links] Link salad for a Monday

Falcon 1 reaches orbit — Finally! (Thanks to rosefox.)

xkcd on the scale of the universe — Heh heh heh.

A true image from False KivaAPOD with some serious awesomeness.

Singapore, Portland airports get top marks in survey — Ahem. (Thanks to danjite.)

Tokyo Sexwhale — Some spam names are from real life. Remarkable guy, in truth, if you read his Wikipedia entry.

“Here’s a guy who thought FDR was president during the Great Depression.” — Yeah! What a loser! (Said by a Republican strategist mocking Biden.) Hey, GOP, I know you guys make your own reality, but come on… ETA: Apparently what we have here is a case of dueling moronage. lauriemann explains in comments on my LJ.

Abraham Lincoln on money and banks — Ah, good old Republican values.

Stanley Fish smokes crack, writes about it in the New York Times — “…within a year of the day he leaves office, and no matter who succeeds him, George W. Bush will be a popular public figure, regarded with affection and a little nostalgia even by those who voted against him and thought he was the worst president in our history.”

Body movement: 30 minutes on stationary bike
Last night’s weigh-out: n/a
This morning’s weigh-in: 229.8
Currently reading: n/a

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[personal] Miscellaneous updatery

A quick rollup of what’s going on. Had a good rest of the weekend at Foolscap, with more paneling and whatnot. Sunday I got up at 5, wrote for 90 minutes, led a 60 minute walk at 7, had breakfast with Mark Ferrari, wrote for another 30, got packed out to blaze back to Portland, then ran the auction for an hour before hitting the road. I needed to spend some quality time with the_child. Once she went home, last night was catch-up and early bedtime.

Hands down, the weirdest moment of the convention was talking to (the other) Karen Anderson and discovering that she had covered my high school graduation for the local paper in Meridian, CT. (jtdiii, are you reading this? He and I went to Choate together.)

I overslept this morning, not cracking out of bed til 4:30, so I abandoned my plan for a long walk and did 30 minutes on the stationary bike. I weighed in at a new low of 229.0, which shocked me, coming immediately after the crap eating that always goes along with a convention weekend. That puts me down 65 pounds for the year from when I first started tracking in February, and probably more like 70 if I’d begun the numbers in January. Well down into “what I weighed in college” territory.

Short week here at Nuevo Rancho Lake, since I’m lighting out for FenCon at the crack of early on Thursday. I’ll be logging my two hours per day on Tourbillon through the convention, if I humanly can. I’ve not really tried writing straight through convention weekends before. It’s been an interesting experience. I’ll blog later about the differences (for me) of early morning writing versus my usual afternoon/evening. In the mean time, I have things to do with the_child, a very sick friend to visit in the hospital, the Day Jobbe to keep up with, and some planning time with my parents to go over next year’s trip to China.

Expect continued light blogging, though as always I may get hypergraphic.

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[writing] Green comes home for a visit

Oops. The copy edited manuscript of Green arrived today. It needs to be back in New York at the end of next week. I really don’t want to slack off on drafting Tourbillon, but I am not sure there’s enough time in my schedule over FenCon weekend to get it all done.

I realize this sounds like a hollow complaint (oh, my two contracted books are getting in each other’s way, woe is me) but it is a real problem. One which will be solved by me delivering the CEM in a timely fashion and dealing with the draft as best I can. I just don’t want to break momentum or lose the voice of the book.

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