October 4th, 2008


[links] Link salad for a Saturday in Addison, TX

io9 on the mighty and inimitable frankwu

Edwardians in color — Autochromes, the world’s earliest color photographs. Including photos of Mongolia and Dahomey, places my family has lived. (Thanks to tetar.)

Water’s role in Martian chemistry becoming clearer — (Thanks to lt260.)

Study: AIDS virus in human circulation for 100 years — (Thanks to lt260.)

The Word from WasillaWhen it comes to economic policy, to God it’s not that important, because He is our provider,” the pastor said in his most reverent voice. Hey, GOP, tell me again why it is a good idea to vote this perspective into the White House? I guess it’s the ultimate in de-regulation. (Thanks to my Aunt M.)

Body movement: 30 minutes on stationary bike
Last night’s weigh-out: n/a
This morning’s weigh-in: n/a
Currently reading: n/a

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[conventions] FenCon Day 1

Yesterday was jam packed. Spent almost six hours with the workshop folks, which got us through two more crit sessions plus some lengthy discussion. Had a nice GoH lunch with the concom and most of the GoH squad. Made opening ceremonies, where I delivered an impromptu speech, had some later evening panelling which was stupid fun, cruised the party circuit near the end of the night, then crashed hard.

Doing it all again today.

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