October 19th, 2008


[links] Link salad for a busy Sunday

Non Sequitur on writers and cartoonists — I’m looking at you, Howard Tayler. (The man is a highly accomplished SF novelist who happens to publish in daily cartoon format.)

The economics of the bookstore — In case you were wondering how that end of the world works. Links back to another great piece by Andrew Wheeler. (Nicked from paul_m_jessup.)

2 N.Va. GOP Leaders: ‘I’ve Had Enough With My Party’ — Apparently it’s fine for Republicans to call Democrats “communists”, but it’s shameful for Republicans to call other Republicans communists. Another case of “It’s OK if you’re a Republican”, I guess. Whatever happened to Reagan’s eleventh commandment? The Permanent Majority must have dragged it along when they left the building.

Powell Endorses Obama — I’m not as excited about this as some people seem to be, but then unlike most liberal-progressives I can actually remember Colin Powell shilling for the Bush administration’s cynical mendacity in the run-up to the Iraq War. So, um, the endorsement of a serial liar and prime enabler of the worst foreign policy disaster in modern American history is supposed to matter? ETA: My Aunt M points out that this might bring in votes from some pro-war conservatives who are otherwise uncomfortable with McCain.

Body movement: 30 minutes on stationary bike
Last night’s weigh-out: n/a
This morning’s weigh-in: 230.6
Currently reading: The Dord, the Diglot, and an Avocado or Two by Anu Garg

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[writing] Busy…too busy…

Overslept. (This is a relative term around Nuevo Rancho Lake these days, but for me it counts.) Exercised. Have done morning Web goodness. I now must be Very Busy today, with work on Tourbillon, some critical reading, an article to revise, a short story project to do some wordage on, a Sekrit Projekt to do some serious leg work for, another (short article) to write, and, um, all of this in the next six hours or so before I head out to my Dad’s birthday party.

Ah, the busy life of the working writer.

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[politics] I may have been too quick with my cynicism

I was fairly cynical this morning about the Powell endorsement of Obama. jennawaterford dug more deeply into it than I did, and points out this remark of Powell’s.

“Not just small towns have values,” he said, responding to one of Palin’s signature lines.

Good for him. Very good.

ETA: My dad sends this analysis from Time along for further consideration.

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[cancer] Redefining myself

I don’t talk so much about the cancer these days. Not that the disease has receded from my consciousness — it has become an ineluctable part of me, and I can no more cast it away than I can cast away my childhood — but rather, I don’t want to be defined by it.

Yet I am. When I see infrequently-encountered friends, I am constantly asked about my health (excellent at this point, if you’re new to the blog and missed the adventures of last spring). When I examine my writing process and the words on the page, I see its pale ghost. When my daughter expresses a fear about a family member’s health, I know she remembers me in the hospital bed.

My six month post-surgical followup is this Tuesday, a week or two early. I wanted to get it done before WFC, just because. Not everything works the way it did before; physically, mentally or emotionally.

The redefinition of me cannot be denied. So what I have done since the very beginning of this odyssey is take control of that process, so I redefine myself, instead of being redefined by the cancer and the echoes of its discontents. From time to time I’ve mentioned the gifts of cancer, but this may be the greatest of them: how much I have taken control of my own life and health.

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