October 22nd, 2008


[links] My big, fat link salad

A reader reacts to Dogs in the Moonlight

The Alien NovelistTechnology Review on Algis Budrys.

Greatest legal case name ever — (Hat tip to the comments section of Language Log)

Remembering StarwispCentauri Dreams on fast interstellar missions. Also, a few names in this article that SF fans will recognize.

For cancer patients, personalized treatment offers a new range of options — and hope — (Thanks to lt260.)

lordofallfools on writers and politics — With particular reference to me, Scalzi and Card.

A sweet piece about Obama’s grandparents

e_moon60 asks what is a real American — My conservative friends can have Bachmamn and Palin and McCain. I’d rather stand with people like Elizabeth Moon, who believe in the Constitution and all of the people who live under it, not just those with the right skin color or religion or names. Being proud of who you hate isn’t patriotism, it’s soul-shrivelling pettiness.

That Sarah Palin Is One Unreal Alaskan — Another view of Caribou Barbie from the edge of the world, where they really can see Russia. (Thanks to my Aunt M.)

Heads They Win, Tails You Lose: For the Beltway Media, Even Democratic Victories Prove the Country is Conservative — Your Liberal Media, sustaining the conservative narrative. Nice meme, Roger. (Thanks to my Aunt M.)

The New Yorker on Republican charges of “socialism” in Obama’s tax plan…this does not seem to qualify as an argument about socialism. If it did, then Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford would be Bolsheviks. Hahahahaha.

Consider The Post’s Lobster — Your Liberal Media, supporting the conservative narrative. I’d bet my house that Limbaugh and Hannity won’t spend 1% of the time on the retraction that they spent on the original story. (And this from the party that spends $4,000 on a haircut for Palin — which is nothing like a prominent Democrat getting $400 haircuts. Uh uh. No way.) But such a lovely retraction it is. (Hat tip to Language Log)

pecunium with more on how “voter fraud” becomes voter supression — The Big Lie in action once again. (Thanks to lt260.)

tongodeon talks about the ACORN voting fraud — Unfortunately, the folks who don’t get it certainly aren’t reading him or me. They’re listening to FOX News and Rush Limbaugh, and feeling very glad they don’t have to deal with the inconvenient facts on which our liberal lies are based. (Which come to think of it pretty much defines contemporary conservatism.)

Body movement: 30 minutes on stationary bike
Last night’s weigh-out: n/a
This morning’s weigh-in: 230.0
Currently reading: The Best of C.M. Kornbluth

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[process] Signing contracts

Every now and then I get a contract which calls for a witness to my signature. What is up with that? I understand why it works that way on notarizations, but on an ordinary contract (which I have seen hundreds of in both my Day Jobbe life and writing life) it doesn’t make any sense to me.

Witnessing is a meaningful impediment to me signing, since I live alone and work by myself — I have to make a special effort to find someone to do this.

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[help] Transcription

Anyone out there use a transcription service or an individual transcriptionist? I need a 25-minute recorded conversation transcribed, assuming I can handle the rates. Please leave tips in comments.

Loads of great answers! More than I can handle already. Thank you very, very much.

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[memes] A rare bout of memage

calendula_witch tagged me with the “7 Random and/or Weird Things About Me” meme.

1. I have ridden both kinds of camels — dromedary and bactrian.

2. I know what fermented mare’s milk tastes like.

3. Once in my life I voted Republican.

4. I own several pairs of $500 Alden shoes.

5. The thump of falling vultures used to wake me up at night in my teens.

6. At one point in my youth I very seriously wanted to be a mechanical engineer.

7. I took a 1981 Ford LTD wagon across a Mexican river on a pair of canoes lashed together with 1×12s.

In keeping with my usual philosophy of memage, I tag no one except those of you who wish to consider yourself tagged.

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[child] Birthday loot

Mother of the Child and I had the_child’s private birthday celebration tonight. (Her Official Party is on Saturday.) The Big Gift was a Lego Mindstorms set, in keeping with her oft-repeated interest in programming. Guess what she and I did for several hours? She got some other cool stuff, too, but that one was the “oooooh” present.

Now if I can only keep my hands off it. Just what I needed…another distraction!

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