November 7th, 2008


[links] Link salad for a Friday

In case you missed it yesterday, the Green cover from Dan Dos Santos via Irene Gallo at Tor is awesome [ | LiveJournal ]

This is the last full day of the post-novel ennui contest [ | LiveJournal ] — I’ll be posting a voting poll sometime tomorrow. If you haven’t gotten an entry in yet for a chance to win an ARC of Green, do it now.

At Specialty Garage, Making Hybrids Even Greener — Automotive tuning, San Francisco style. (Thanks to lt260.)

Mud eruption ’caused by drilling’ — Indonesian mud volcano pr0n. (Thanks to lt260.)

bloggasm with an article on poll crashing

Where does the GOP go from here? — ABC on the next steps for the Republican Party. If the GOP is serious about Sarah Palin or Bobby Jindal as potential leaders for their next few years, I don’t think their fortunes are going to improve.

Election unleashes a flood of hope worldwide — I realize that contemporary conservatives are pretty much by definition indifferent to what the rest of the world thinks, but for those of us whose view of the world does not stop at the American shore, this kind of story is very good news indeed.

lilithsaintcrow on the election — Specifically, reflecting on both candidate’s post-election speeches. Moving stuff. (Thanks to lt260.)

Question of the day: What happened to my personal jetpack, anyway? All I have is this lousy talking cash register.

Body movement: 85 minute suburban walk
Last night’s weigh-out: n/a
This morning’s weigh-in: 224.0
Currently reading: Nightcraft Mother by Shannon Page

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[politics] The guy you’d rather have a beer with

I was thinking on my walk this morning. Dangerous, that. About President-Elect Obama, and what he represents to me. A lot of things I’ve talked about before here, and many others have touched on as well. Hope, change, trust. A belief that the government can be good again, and govern with the interests of the American people and the world at heart, instead of cynical power-mongering and ideological blindness. I may be wrong, dead wrong, and if I am, I’ll fight this administration just as I’ve fought the last, but right now I feel pretty good.

One thing I never did understand about Bush the Younger was the “guy you’d want to have a beer with” meme. That was a big one in the 2000 election, and got some play in 2004. I was living in Texas when he became governor there, and there was nothing about the man I found likable. Incuriosity, petulance and smug entitlement are qualities I associate with University of Texas frat boys, and I never wanted to have a beer with them. Why would I want to have a beer with a candidate who radiates those same characteristics as if they were virtues? Besides, I don’t like beer.

Barack Obama is the first presidential candidate I would actually want to sit down with over dinner and shoot the shit. Even candidates I’ve supported in the past didn’t resonate with me personally the way Obama has. Neither Hillary Clinton nor John Edwards raised any sympatico in me during this election cycle. But Obama? Different. I’m not sure why, and I’m pretty sure it doesn’t matter in the larger scheme of things, but if he’s ever in Portland with an hour to kill, I’d be happy to buy him a basket of Cajunized tater tots and talk about life. I’ve never before been moved to say that about a political leader.

But I’m having limeade, not beer.

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[writing] Miscellaneous updatery

Some updatery from the writing front. calendula_witch pointed out that Tourbillon really needed a grace note, so yesterday I wrote a brief epilog which provided more explicit story validation for various characters and plotlines, including most especially the two core protagonists. (Paolina and Boaz, for those of you who have read Escapement.)

I owe a couple of novellas, and would like to write a few short stories, probably starting this weekend. I am in serious discussion on two different collaborative novels, and preliminary discussion on a third. Each of those projects has distinctly different requirements, and I expect I’ll manage them in over the next year and a half or so, depending on contract status, overlapping schedules, etc. Once things are firmer, I’ll discuss in more detail.

Plus shortly I’ll begin outlining a fairly substantial space opera trilogy I hope to write in one big arc — a true trilogy, in other words, not three books in the same continuity. That will open a number of craft challenges for me, and force me to focus on being truly science fictional. The first of those challenges will be writing a much more robust and detailed outline than what I’ve been using up til now.

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