November 16th, 2008


[personal] Walking into the light

I went walking this morning before dawn. The gibbous waning moon was thoughtful behind a thin veil of clouds. A finger of mist hurried by me, seven feet off the ground and not much larger than a family car, but it was on a mission. I took one of my longer routes, but widdershins in lieu of my usual deosil path, then left the path anyway to follow a side trail along the Springwater Corridor. Hiking in the deep dark on an unknown track is always interesting.

In time, dawn began to steal westward on a wider bed of mist. Salmon streaked the sky a while, before a deep, aching blue which had stolen its cobalt from Hephaestian mine. The fields near my house gave up their moisture as the heavens gave up their dark. I stopped amid scolding crows to look at a herd of Deere, then made my way home again.


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[links] Link salad for a quiet Sunday

Don’t forget the voting poll for the Post-Novel Ennui Contest [ | LiveJournal ], here. Vote early, vote often, influence your friends!

The Campbell Award Pin fundraiser is now underway. [ | LiveJournal ] — And yes, I’ll be adding a PayPal link today, thanks to OSFCI.

A Backlash Grows in Bangalore Over Tech Revolution — Interesting take on the costs of globalization.

MILF shoots down US spy plane in Mindanao — World’s greatest headline. (Thanks to danjite.)

Blowback is a bitch — More on the politics of Proposition 8 donors. Money shot: You don’t get to heaven above by trampling someone else’s heaven on earth.

After Obama victory, an outbreak of racial anger — Conservative values in action. ‘Cause I’m pretty damned sure it’s not liberals starting dead pools on Obama and burning crosses.

Ted Stevens may face ouster from GOP Senate caucus“It’s important for Republicans to show that we are going to demand a high standard of ethics,” Denton said. Nice sentiment, but after the years of the Bush administration, the Permanent Majority and the K Street Project, why bother to start now?

Question of the day: What’s the frequency, Kenneth?

Body movement: 2 hour, 10 minute suburban walk
This morning’s weigh-in: 224.0
Currently reading: Wintersmith by Terry Pratchett

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[child] More wisdom of the Child

Sundry remarks by the_child in various contexts over the past few days:

“We work around time, because time doesn’t work around us.”

“I wish everybody was rich. Or maybe for world peace. But it wouldn’t be peaceful unless everybody had the same amount.”

“I ate so much popcorn at the movies that I couldn’t feel my lips any more.”

Plus yesterday we had a startlingly insightful discussion about the construction of bridges, materials loading, and the principles of engineering design.

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[travel] Omaha-bound, with Melville on my mind

I’m getting up at 0:stupid:30 to head for the airport and vault my way through the morning sky to Omaha. On my return, I will be attending OryCon, beginning with a Sekrit Projekt for jeffsoesbe. Expect continued light blogging with intermittent wit and erudition through next Sunday.

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