December 19th, 2008


[travel] Ice is nice, but winter can sinter

That was one of the most white-knuckled driving experiences of my life. Only got stuck once, only slid the car twice. Be nice if they plowed the roads here in Omaha, but apparently not last night. On the plus side, I didn't hit nothing. And there seems to be an airplane here at Eppley Field. So maybe I'm going home today after all.

Or at least to Phoenix.

We shall see. And of course, it's just as crappy in Portland as it is here. Also, don't even get me started on the state of the security line this morning. It's the holiday flying season, which means most of the business travelers have gone home and all the once-a-year and once-in-a-lifetime travelers are out in force.

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[links] Link salad for a winter travel day

Cheryl Morgan on genre and literature — Interesting stuff, riffing on debate elsewhere.

Arctic temperatures hit record highTemperatures in the Arctic last fall hit an all-time high more than 9 degrees Fahrenheit (5 degrees Centigrade) above normal and remain almost as high this year Man, even the climate itself is part of the liberal myth of climate change. I'm sure Rush Limbaugh can get to the bottom of this.

Space shuttles for sale: one careful owner, starting price $42m — (Thanks to yourbob.)

A Way to Spot Cancer Early — Using hard drive technology to spot cancer proteins.

?otD: How many words do you have for snow?

Body movement: n/a (travel day)
This morning's weigh-in: n/a
Currently reading: The Confidence-Man: His Masquerade by Herman Melville

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[travel] On the plane

Paid $100 to upgrade to first so I could get off the plane in Phoenix for my Very Short Connection. Always the optimist, me. Very cold here up front by true door. Man, am I tired of this trip. Even with crappy weather at home, at least I will be home.


[personal] The week that was, damn it

Wow. San Francisco was so awesome, all those years ago last weekend. Since then I have endured unconscionable weather, travel hell, work weirdness, and, today, a major re-organization at work which has eliminated my job. Not my employment — I have a choice of a couple of slots — but the role I've filled for a while, much to my enjoyment, is now gone. Home to as much as 6+ inches of snow tomorrow on top of it all.

At least I'm home. Assuming the pipes don't burst, I should be okay.

Now to retire with a book.

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