January 6th, 2009


[links] Link salad for a Tuesday morning

Table of Contents for Year's Best Science Fiction, Volume 26 — Congratulations to all included.

Enter the Octopus discusses Alembical [ Paper Golem | Amazon ]

David B. Coe on point of view — And specifically, among other things, his pronounced distance for omniscient.

Science Fictions False Assumption? — James Wallace Harris on space travel. These days, I am beginning to think the future of manned space travel is Asian. If the Euro-American axis has a role in that future, it will be as a response to Sino-Indian activity in high orbit. (Snurched from Mike Brotherton.)

G.T. Labs - Your Source for Comics About Scientists — (Thanks to sdn.)

Classic SF book covers — Mmmm.

Centauri Dreams on white dwarfs and asteroids — More cool exoplanetary science.

Jupiter Eclipsing GanymedeAPOD strikes again with another stunning space photo.

Golden Submarine: 1917 — From Shorpy of course. Check out the linestreaming on that reflexpropelled race carriage!

Inventor of the Hawaiian shirt dies — (Thanks to danjite.)

This Modern World on post-partisan politics — Um, yeah.

Body movement: 40 minute ride on the stationary bike
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