January 20th, 2009


[personal] Some mornings just don't start right, thanks to Greg van Eekhout

Woke up a tad early from a discomforted sleep, having dreamt that gregvaneekhout was threatening to kick seven kinds of shit out of me with his Mighty Kung Fu Powers™. He was demonstrating this threat by bashing down a door with his feet, while in the background someone else was crying about how Greg was ruining his shoes.

Got up, mused on that for a moment, then got dressed and headed for the gym next door. Along the walkway between hotel and gym, I slipped on an ice patch and took a fall. Nothing seriously damaged, but lying on the icy concrete in twenty degree weather clutching my right knee had not been among my morning plans.

Van Eekhout, je t'accuse.

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[links] Apolitical link salad (for once)

selfavowedgeek reacts to Escapement Powell's | Amazon ] — I think he liked it.

A reviewer seriously dislikes my introduction to Matt Hughes' Template [ Amazon ] — It's funny, how much they disliked it.

From Joe Sherry, more on Alembical [ Paper Golem | Amazon ]

Interview with artist Lindsey Messecar — Including an illustration she did based on Green!

The Grants Pass ToC announcement — That was a fun story to write.

Cabestan Winch Tourbillion Vertical Watch — (Snurched from Dark Roasted Blend.)

?otD: What color was George Washington's white horse?

Body movement: 40 minute ride on stationary bike
This morning's weigh-in: n/a
Currently reading: The Confidence-Man: His Masquerade by Herman Melville; Shadow of the Torturer by Gene Wolfe

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[politics] Happy Inauguration Day

Happy Inauguration Day, everyone. I'll be at the Day Jobbe and so not watching or listening to Obama's speech. For those of you who are doing so, enjoy it for me.

I find myself wondering if the incoming Obama administration will follow recent tradition and spread a bunch of bizarre lies about the previous administration prying the "O" keys off the White House computers and so forth. It's a lovely political rite which our moral compassholders in the GOP trailblazed for us.

Also, conservatives: this is important. At 12:01 Eastern time today you'll be required to surrender all your guns, gay-marry the nearest librul and join your local mosque. At least, that's what I heard on talk radio, so it must be true.

Welcome to a new day, America. Let's clean up the reeking mess Bush made of the country and the world.

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