February 22nd, 2009


[links] Link salad has been in Oklahoma

Bookseller Rich Rennicks says some very kind things about Green Amazon ]

Travis Heerman interviews me — Part of his regular interview series.

Carmina Buraneidolia — This is damned near wet-your-pants funny. Needs your sound to be on, though.

Ancient Black Sea Flood: Nuisance or Calamity? — Threat? Or menace? Rather like the Missoula Floods, I'll bet that was something to see.

wtf_nature with the Old Man of the Lake — Some natural Oregon weirdness. More at Wikipedia.

A Rodent's Anti-Aging Secrets — Naked mole rats, longevity, and you.

Even more on Project Orion — Grade-A, pure dee, Big Science insanity at its finest.

Governor's rift with GOP grows wider — Now playing on "As the Wingnuts Turn". Also, wasn't Governor Schwarzenegger first elected because of a tiff involving deficits and taxes? Or is there some reason this isn't deeply ironic?

?otD: Have you ever been to heaven?

Body movement: 90 minute suburban walk
This morning's weigh-in: 217.4
Currently reading: The Confidence-Man: His Masquerade by Herman Melville; Black Blade Blues by John Pitts

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[personal] Dreaming of myself

Woke up this morning from one of those long, complex dreams which faded immediately except for the last scene. I was back at the prep school where I'd been a boarding student during the declining years of the Age of Disco (waves to jtdiii), except this wasn't the Choate of my memories, but some ur-Choate of my subconscious.

I'd found my way into a bar on one of the dorm floors — we had those, but they were generally hidden away from faculty eyes, not operating with their own liquor licenses as in my dream. I was nursing a glass of wine and watching the ruckus in the hall settle down as evening study hours came into effect, when I realized the very large, amiable man in the red sweatshirt behind the bar was in fact me, seen in a mirror. I was shocked at how big I'd become again.

I'm still not sure how I served myself wine from the other side of the bar.

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[process] Endurance outline

Spent quite a bit of time on the Endurance outline today, got about 2,000 words in. This isn't an issue of being unproductive, but more like the gears clashing on my process changes of late. I'm adapting a lot of what I've learned from The Heart of the Beast and Sunspin, and it's taking quite a bit of careful thought.

Wound up having something of a story conference with calendula_witch this evening, just to validate my approach and bounce some reality-check type questions off her. She had some shrewd responses which were very helpful. That sort of early sharing is way outside my historical process, which is to keep this stuff close to the vest until the draft hits the page.

Oddly enough, a carefully considered outline requires careful consideration. Still, I can see this sucker moving into shape.

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