March 7th, 2009


[links] Link salad wakes up on a busy Saturday

IROSF reviews my Lone Star Stories piece, "On the Human Plan" — Lois Tilton liked it.

The Wall Street Journal on "Watchmen"

Is it wrong for me to want this car as much as I do?

Britain's Clown Shortage: New Visa Rules Hit the Circus

The city without a memory: treasures lost under collapsed Cologne archives

Translucent concrete — (Snurched from Dark Roasted Blend.)

Documenting the redesign of the Pepsi logo — Allegedly, at least. I used to work in advertising, and I find this sadly believable.

Ceres: A Possible Source of Life? — Huh...

How to stop the drug warsProhibition has failed; legalisation is the least bad solution. (Thanks to danjite.)

?otD: If this is Saturday, where's my cruller?

Body movement: n/a (off my own schedule)
This morning's weigh-in: n/a
Currently reading: The Confidence-Man: His Masquerade by Herman Melville; Black Blade Blues by John Pitts

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[writing] Progris riport, day 4, revising Tourbillon

Three more chapters on Tourbillon today, the last two at a write-in at camillealexa's house. I also did a final editing pass on "Chain of Stars" for Subterranean, which wasn't a deep distraction since it's also in the Mainspring continuity.

Other distractions today include visiting a friend at the hospital who is probably dying right now. She was semiconscious and incoherent, but I held her hand a little while and spoke to her. And left her some flowers.

Off to a dinner out soon, more writing tomorrow.

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