March 15th, 2009


[links] Link salad for a busy Sunday

Food advertisements — Snurched from Dark Roasted Blend

Submarine construction and decommissioning — From

Antibubbles — Wow. Kind of like Star Trek's Mirror, Mirror. But different.

A new title on SETICentauri Dreams with some more cool stuff on exoplanets and alien civilizations.

47% of Americans need to be launched into a heliocentric orbitBad Astronomy talks about scientific illiteracy. I'd love to see this data cross-referenced with political and religious affiliations.

?otD: Billy Sunday or Billie Holiday?

Body movement: 60 minute training session at gym
This morning's weigh-in: 219.4
Currently reading: The Confidence-Man: His Masquerade by Herman Melville; Watchmen by Alan Moore etc.

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[personal] Open dinner in Dallas, TX March 25th

Barring a last minute change in business travel plans, I will be free for dinner in Dallas on the night of Wednesday, March 25th. I plan to be at:

Chuy's Dallas
4544 McKinney Ave at Knox-Henderson [ Google Maps ]
Dallas, TX 75205
(214) 559-2489

I should be there around 6:00 pm that day. It'll be a JayCon Lite — open dinner, if you're around and interested, come on by. Probably it would help if I had tentative RSVPs here in comments or via email, so if it gets bigger than 4-6 people I can be properly prepared to annoy the host.

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[personal] In other news, the weekend that was, and what comes next

Whew. What a weekend. Not hardly over yet. Now going through a very tight, low level edit of Pinion (third revision pass this month, if you're keeping score). scarlettina came to visit, which was delightful, but she finally fled this morning in the face of my obsessive manuscript obsessing. (We did manage to get out for a lovely Greek dinner last night, which the_child may or may not have enjoyed.)

For the last couple of hours I have been off Pinion and prepping for the trip starting tomorrow. Omaha through this coming Friday for Day Jobbery, Orlando over the weekend for the ICFA conference, Winter Park, FL Monday and Tuesday for a writer in residence slot at Trinity Prep, Dallas Wednesday and Thursday for some Day Jobbe client meetings. Home Thursday evening, then off to San Francisco Friday afternoon for the kenscholes-a-palooza at Borderlands on Saturday March 28th, then some time with calendula_witch before I light out for China for half the month of April.

You can imagine the packing and logistics involved in all of the above.

Now I must do some writing related program activities, then back to Pinion for a couple of more hours before I can crash in time to get up at 3 am and start my coast-to-coast tour. Because in all of this I have to turn Pinion in and get the Endurance outline done, as well as several smaller projects.

You all play nice while I'm gone, because you never know when I'm going to drop by.

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[writing] Progris riport, day 12, revising Pinion

I apparently failed to post a Pinion progris riport yesterday, so this will have to do. In brief, three chapters yesterday and two and a third today. I planned to get a lot more done today, but the overly complex packing and trip prep I needed to do ate an alarming amount of time, and then there were some writing-related program activities which couldn't be put off any longer.

However, tomorrow is another day. Still on target for all deadlines.

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