March 25th, 2009


[personal] Open dinner in Dallas, TX March 25th (repost)

Barring a last minute change in business travel plans, I will be free for dinner in Dallas tonight, Wednesday, March 25th. I plan to be at:

Chuy's Dallas
4544 McKinney Ave at Knox-Henderson [ Google Maps ]
Dallas, TX 75205
(214) 559-2489

I should be there around 6:00 pm that day. It'll be a JayCon Lite — open dinner, if you're around and interested, come on by. Probably it would help if I had tentative RSVPs here in comments or via email, so if it gets bigger than 4-6 people I can be properly prepared to annoy the host.

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[links] Link salad for a travel day

Living in Plato's Cave — Tom Morris on the relationship between Plato's Cave and Wall Street

Building a Brain on a Silicon ChipA chip developed by European scientists simulates the learning capabilities of the human brain.

Statistics, seals and sea monsters in the technical literature — Mmm. Cryptids.

Twins Suspected in Spectacular Jewelry Heist Set FreeSaved by their indistinguishable DNA, identical twins suspected in a massive jewelry heist have been set free. Neither could be exclusively linked to the DNA evidence.

?otD: When you look down from the jet, don't you get that magic feeling?

Body movement: n/a (travel day)
This morning's weigh-in: n/a (travel day)
Currently reading: The Confidence-Man: His Masquerade by Herman Melville; Push of the Sky by Camille Alexa

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[travel] Off to the skies again

I'm leaving Winter Park shortly for Dallas. Day jobbe client meetings there, the open dinner tonight [ | LiveJournal ] and home to Portland tomorrow evening. Friday afternoon I'm off to San Francisco to do writerly things with kenscholes and spend a few days with the ever delightful calendula_witch. See some, all or none of you as I trail about these United States.

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[personal] Dinner in Dallas

Had a lovely dinner at Chuy's with Tim from work, kmarkhoover and hutson. Mmm, Tex-Mex. The conversation was wide-ranging, from childhood development to leprosy, with some brilliant humor all around; but my favorite line of the evening was: "I know I had my car keys when I gave them to the valet!"


Workity work today, plus some good progress on the Endurance outline. Up early tomorrow to walk in the old town section of Grapevine, TX (where the hotel is), then more workity work, then home. I'm sure I meant to blog something else, but I can't think what.

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