June 16th, 2009


[links] Link salad wakes up in the Midwest again

Jumping Off the Cliff, Looking for Water on the Way Down — Me at Tor.com, on the process of creating a novel.

Full Bodied with bonus topic cleavage!Green is so proud.

The infinitely receding future — Tom Tomorrow on working for exposure.

Stephane Halleuxs wonderful steampunk sculptures — Very nice.

Carried down the bay — Screw pile lighthouses?

The story of Schroedinger's cat (an epic poem) — A Straight Dope classic.

"Burning Walls" May Stop Black Hole Formation — Some heavy iron SFnal stuff from Technology Review.

A Longer Life for Earth's Biosphere? — More heavy iron from Centauri Dreams. Deep time rocks!

?otD: Why?

Body movement: 70 minute suburban walk, 10 minutes of stretching and meditation
This morning's weigh-in: n/a (in hotel)
Currently reading: The Human Disguise by James O'Neil

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[cancer] Early morning thoughts

Took a long walk this morning, 70 minutes. The owl that lives along the eastern end of the Big Papio Trail had a lot to say, while the moon hid all but the barest hint of her face behind a high lace of clouds.

I don't tend to do directed thinking while I'm exercising. It's more like moving meditation. Some stuff bubbling about Endurance, obviously. More cancer. Fear and worry not from the deep layers — not The Fear, in other words — but of the more intellectual kind. How much will this hurt? How will it affect my job? What about the people who love me?

No answers, course. Those will come as needed, in their time. I roll around in the tough stuff, so that when the hammer comes down, I'm ready for it. No point in wishing it away.

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