June 20th, 2009


[links] Link salad is working for the weekend

A pair of readers with small love for Green Powell's | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Borders  ]: here and here — In the second case, at length. I firmly believe the story belongs to the reader, but I do sometimes wonder if readers have the story I wrote in their hands.

A reader objects to one of my blurbs — Heh.

Perso-Arabic and Sinitic Literacy — Some cool stuff on Islam in China and writing systems, including this gem: This information is all the more stunning in light of the fact that Muslims in China developed a system of writing Sinitic languages [...] in Perso-Arabic script.

Conservative Justices Strange Enthusiasm for the Punishment of the Innocent — A blog post about a recent Supreme Court decision forbidding a convicted felon from paying for his own DNA test to exonerate himself. The Roberts court found that alowing Osburne to prove his potential innocence risks "unnecessarily overthrowing the established system of criminal justice." Compassionate conservativism my ass. Can someone explain to me why this isn't pure batshit?

One of the Daily Kos diarists on Coburn and Ensign — This guys puts it in a nutshell: If Ensign and Coburn weren't such outspoken crusaders for moral rectitude none of this would be anybody's business except insofar as Ensign's actions constituted sexual harassment or involved public resources. But both Ensign and Coburn have built a political career on passing moral judgment on others. There's an expression about stones and glass houses that they might have considered before trying to foist their own hypocritical moral code on the rest of the country. One could ask the same question of the entire conservative movement, of course.

?otD: How easy it is being Green?

Body movement: 30 minute stationary bike ride, 10 minutes of stretching and meditation
This morning's weigh-in: 220.2
Currently reading: n/a (Finished The Human Disguise by James O'Neil yesterday)

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[cancer|writing] Enduring with Endurance

Working on Endurance has done wonders to chase the cancer goblins out of my head. I can't actually write when I'm in the middle of being pissed off or actively afraid, but with even a little distance from the immediacy of those emotions, the book calls me back.

Likewise, I find myself approaching this book with an intensity that is unusual, even for me. I figure this is Fred burning off nerves in the text. calendula_witch reports that the book continues on target and appropriately smooth and interesting, so I know I'm not just spinning wheels here.

We're not talking about writing-as-therapy, per se. My issues aren't being gamed out on the page, at least not consciously or directly. (They can scarcely fail to inform the mood of the book, of course.) More like the act of writing is therapeutic.

I hope this never becomes a struggle for me. Laying down words on a page is such joy, and I need that in my life right now perhaps more than I ever have. It's an interesting phenomenon, how this all fits together.

PS, for those of you who have not yet read your newly-acquired copies of Green Powell's | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Borders  ], Endurance is named after the ox in Green, with nothing to do with either of my cancer experiences as that book was drafted before the first outbreak. In fact, the ox is named after the cat in Gwyneth Jones' Divine Endurance, a book I dearly love.

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[personal] Time flies when you got nothing to do

It's amazing how time flies by when you get up at 3:40 in the morning. And that was me sleeping in... It's barely past noon and here's what I've accomplished so far today:
  • Exercised

  • Morning blog roll

  • Shower (with hair wash, takes a while)

  • Two and half hours on Endurance

  • Cooked breakfast for self

  • Worked on story critique for two friends

  • Had a sweet phone call with calendula_witch

  • Submitted the final story for The Sky That Wraps

  • Caught up on email

  • Went to grocery store

  • Did laundry

  • Made week's salad and lemonade/limeade

  • Cooked lunch for self, the_child and her friend I—

  • Changed clothes for the Scholes baby shower

Shortly, off to the baby shower with the_child and tillyjane. Dinner with evening with saycestsay, and a possible camillealexa sighting. Tomorrow, more Endurance, a Father's Day Brunch with the usual suspects, some cancer paperwork for my upcoming second opinion appointment, a final pass through Iron Springs critique, draft another Tor.com blog post and read through calendula_witch's Nightcraft Mother dailies to date.

Week to come: Doctor's appointment Monday. calendula_witch arrives Wednesday. MRI Thursday. Then off to Iron Springs!

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