June 21st, 2009


[links] Link salad says happy Father's Day Solstice

Booking the future — One view of the next generation of publishing. (Thanks to lrcutter.)

The Latke number thread — In case you were wondering about literary collaboration with me.

What Amazon Does Not Want You To Know About The Kindle — More DRM hell. (From a mailing list I'm on.)

The Unevenness of Space-Time ConvergenceStrange Maps with a rendering of travel times which is pretty interesting, and also somewhat reminds me of the most famousest New Yorker cover EVAR.

Brute-Force Engineering and ClimateCentauri Dreams with some unsettling speculation. Also more fodder for near term futurism of both the apocalyptic and optimistic flavors.

Sunrise over the Parthenon — More photographic coolness from APOD.

io9.com with a visual gallery on the evolution of spaceships in movies — Cool stuff.

Maytag-Mobile: 1939Shorpy with home-made car from the pre-WWII era. I'm fascinated by the tiny wheels. That thing must have ridden like holy hell. And speaking of hell, Shorpy has this bus image, a 1938 Greyhound ready for the Gehenna run for certain.

ericjamesstone answers my question from yesterday about the Robert court ruling on DNA testing — Ok, not batshit. Still not happy about it, but I understand the point now. (And wish the reporting on this had done a better job of conveying that point, or that I'd done a better job of reading the reporting, or both.) Thanks, Eric!

?otD: Was it a new day yesterday?

Body movement: 30 minute stationary bike ride, 10 minutes of stretching and meditation
This morning's weigh-in: 219.8
Currently reading: n/a (Finished The Human Disguise by James O'Neil)

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[cancer] Wonder Twins Power Activate: Form of a Form!

Forms, forms, everywhere there's forms.

Just spent half an hour tacking pen-and-ink paperwork forms for the second opinion consult on 6/30 down in San Francisco. All of these were topped with a preprinted label containing most of my pertinent identification information, including insurance data. The silliest form was the one with this selfsame label which required me to write out by hand my pertinent identification information, including insurance data.

The medical system: our culture's expanded version of barbershop mirrors.

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