August 1st, 2009


[links] Link salad swelters in Seattle

More sexist advertising — Wow...

Maple Leaf Radio Cardavidlevine writes, Apparently the Canadian National Railway had "radio cars" on some of their trains in the early days of radio. (Originally from kateyule.)

Staff Linguist — Linguists in politics.

The Ketchup Revolution, Postponed

Over there! An 8 mile high distraction made of posh chocolate! — Arguing over organics.

Anonymous Doc on the ethics of death — I've been following this medical intern's blog. A lot of sobering and interesting stuff there.

The Straight Dope on continental drift — Including an interesting roll call of vanished supercontinents.

?otD: Saturday. What, a day?

Body movement: n/a (traveling)
This morning's weigh-in: n/a (traveling)
Currently reading: Bridge of Birds by Barry Hughart

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[travel] Seattleday

Drove to Seattle yesterday afternoon. Traffic was annoying but not apocalyptic. Had a nice Greek dinner with scarlettina, hit the Clarion West party til late (by my standards, anyway), then crashed at her place. Today some light tourism, including cheese, then off to mikigarrison's bbq this evening. At least it's not hellishly hot here. Only heckishly.

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