August 24th, 2009


[links] Link salad lights out for Omaha

Sally Forth on movie remakes and rights releases — Heh.

The Mainzer Rad — Heraldric neepery and history of German microstates.

Quadrilingual Washlet Instructions — Hah! Longtime readers will recall my extensive toilet misadventures in Japan two years ago.

Morning glory clouds over Australia — In case you forgot that the earth is a fundamentally alien place.

Poll: Republicans Think Government Should Stay Out Of MedicareAmong Republicans, 62% say the government should stay out of Medicare, compared to only 24% of Democrats and 31% of independents who agree. How can you have a serious discussion about anything with people whose starting position on the matter is so profoundly counterfactual?

Justice too long delayed is justice deniedThe Edge of the American West on Senator Lieberman comparing healthcare reform to Civil Rights legislation, and defending incrementalism by example. Do you really want to go there, Joe? Civil Rights incrementalism is not exactly a proud history for conservatives, or Americans in general.

?otD: Who put the Mon in the Monday?

Body movement: n/a (traveling)
This morning's weigh-in: 230.4 (yikes!)
Currently reading: The Real Wizard of Oz by Rebecca Loncraine

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[travel] And so I arrive in Omaha

Well, saw calendula_witch off this morning, then hopped my own flight to Omaha via Denver. First leg was uneventful. Changing planes, I took a bump off the plane (free ticket, yay!), only to get bumped back on the plane, with my free ticket in hand. Weird, but cool. In Omaha, the gold counter at the rental car place was backed up 15 people deep and not moving, but I nipped up to ask why, and spotted my name on a set of car keys. So I got to skip the line of people without reservations who were waiting for cars. Dinner with garyomaha and elusivem, and now to my hotel.

In other news, I knocked out the first draft of a 4,700 word short story called "Mother Urban's Booke of Dayes" for the Dark Faith anthology project. We'll see if Maurice likes it. Also revised a shorter spec (meaning, no market waiting) piece entitled "Not Much of a War", which is from the Flowers continuity, briefly concerning the further adventures of Jason, Kalliope and Onesiphorous. (It falls midway through Madness of Flowers.) Read calendula_witch's latest wordage on Our Lady of the Islands, and dipped into a bit of another Sekrit Projekt.

Huh, wonder why I'm tired?

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