October 21st, 2009


[links] Links salad is there in the corner, losing its religion

Vintage Trashy Psperback Covers — Mmm, mmm, love that art.

Beyond Darwin: The Future of Exoplanet Imaging — This is fascinating stuff.

The Open Space Movement — Exactly what the name says, and a cool idea. Quite curious to see where the implementation goes. (Thanks to LW.)

An Open Letter to Bill Maher on Vaccinations — Antivaxing isn't just wilful ignorance, like evolution denial, it's downright dangerous.

The Takeover — Ta-Nehisi Coates on Pat Buchanan embarrassing conservatives (and Americans everywhere) yet again.

"We've got a rep for that" — Republicans in Congress. Funny, or it would be if it weren't true. (Thanks to CEP.)

Fear Not: What does virtual rumor-mongering say about Christians? — Associated Baptist Press on conservative rumor mongering. Note the references to Fox News. I find this fascinating, because this is the Evangelical community talking to itself about some of the things I find most poisonous and wrong-headed about American Christians. (Via Talking Points Memo.)

?otD: Is that you there in the spotlight?

Body movement: n/a (sick houseguest)
Hours slept: 5.25
This morning's weigh-in: 233.2
Currently reading: Dragon in Chains by Daniel Fox


[cancer] Just a bit more

I'm sick of hearing myself talk about this crap. That's probably a good sign. The ugly voices in my head have not yet tired of themselves, unfortunately.

Tomorrow's the PET/CT scan. That means starting tonight I'm not supposed to exercise, and should eat lightly, tapering off to NPO in the morning. They want my metabolism at as low an ebb as possible. (In which case, about 9:30 at night would be the perfect time for this procedure.) This is the giant radioactive spider test, as previously described here.

As several people noted yesterday, one reason I'm so incredibly stressed about this particular set of scans is this where we find out how significant the suspected metastasis is. The July scans were inconclusive, but due to the margin of error in the CT process, a growth factor of up to 50% could have been obscured. If the two sites are in fact growing, it should be indisputable in this upcoming scan. If they are not growing, then that leads down other paths.

calendula_witch arrives this afternoon. Due to some unexpected deadlines at the Day Jobbe, scarlettina was going to pick her up at the airport while I worked through, but scarlettina her own self came down quite ill overnight with an upper respiratory infection. (I am maintaining the pretense I am not catching that from her.) And tomorrow is the_child's birthday, so there will be a family gathering in the evening, which as my PET/CT is conveniently fairly early in the morning, is all to the good.

I may miss a blog day tomorrow, depending on my stress levels and timing issues. Stay tuned if so. I'll be back.

Also, a bit of personal history on the cancer, for newer readers: [ jlake.com | LiveJournal ].

[personal] The seduction of Muralism

I awoke this morning from a dream about a Hollywood cult that was planning to bring about the end of the world. They were Muralists, and worshipped Diego Rivera. Their plan was to ignite a nuclear war, thus immanentizing the eschaton. In the mean time, they were dropping broken clear glass into hotel swimming pools and similar such mischief. I'd infiltrated the cult in an attempt to stop them, but then found myself seduced by Muralism. As I exited the dream, we were all gathered to watch the suns rise over the cities of the world.

Anxiety, much?