November 12th, 2009


[links] Link salad, mostly science edition

Call for masks — A way of sticking it to my cancer.

Interzone 225 ToC announced — With a novelette by calendula_witch and me. Also, she and I have sold a flash piece to Electric Velocipede.

A reader reacts to Green — At the bottom of their summary of recent reading. Some very nice things said.

Early 1970s ad for After Six men's fashions — My eyes! My eyes! Augh!

Google and realtime search"There were five exabytes of information generated from the dawn of mankind to the year 2003," he said. "That amount of information is now generated every two days." Wow.

Mimicking the Building Prowess of NatureScientists build new materials using inspiration from complex biological forms. Some wild photos, and really neat materials science here.

Humanoid dinosaurs? Maybe not so much. — Some arguments about evolutionary paths from Tetrapod Zoology.

Mini ice age took hold of Europe in months — Something to think about in these days of climate change risk.

Why did HAL sing "Daisy"? — Fascinating. (Snurched from the Twitter feed of @jstephenyork.)

?otD: Why was the band on the run?

Body movement: 55 minute urban walk (airport infrastructure!)
Hours slept: 5.75
This morning's weigh-in: n/a (traveling)
Currently reading: The Jade Man's Skin by Daniel Fox


[cancer] A brief note on stress

When I'm very stressed out, I show it in specific ways. For example, I can't work a Sudoku puzzle. I make a lot of arithmetic errors. My sleep habits get wonky.

This is to say, I've been diligent about exercising lately, and I wake up on time, without the alarm clock even now, and can still work Sudokus. That's how I know that even in the face of emotional anguish, nonstop talking about it, and comfort eating, still much of the cancer stress is me processing stuff, rather than me cratering in the face of it.

When I stop being able to wake up on time is when the shit will really have hit the fan.


[personal] Another day in the Northeast

Well, today was not exactly made of win. We drove 50 miles in the remnants of Hurricane Ida to reach our client. We arrived early, made a coffee stop to kill a little time and prep for the meeting. Driving into the client site, my co-worker spilled a 16 oz latte on my pants and shoes. This was not good meeting prep, frankly. (Though the meeting went just fine.)

On the way back, we stopped for gas near the Philadelphia Airport. Weather was still wet and raw, and so due to my continuing efforts not to catch a respiratory illness, my co-worker got out to pump, and nearly got rolled by a dude in a black parka.

So, erm, just as glad to be safely back in my hotel room. Tomorrow, San Francisco and calendula_witch!