December 11th, 2009


[links] Link salad skids into another Friday

Naming People After GodsLanguage Log asks an interesting question. All kinds of resource in comments. Well worth the read for those of you who write characters with names.

The Belgian Red Cross — WWI poster art.

Can gerbils read maps? — Heh. This makes more sense than the headline suggests.

Making diesel from CO2 and sunlight — The future is here, again.

Swiss Islamophobia Betrays Enlightenment Ideals

?otD: Who turned down the thermostat?

Body movement: n/a (not yet, 90 minute walk forthcoming)
Hours slept: 9.0
This morning's weigh-in: 228.8
Currently reading: Finch by Jeff VanderMeer


[cancer] Emerging from the fog

Every day or two I wake up a little more. I've cut back considerably on the Dilaudid. This helps immensely. I'll be back at work part time next week, and full time the week of 12/21, so the opiates need to be gone at least during working hours. On track to do that.

The next event here is the port implant surgery on Wednesday 12/16. That's day surgery, on an outpatient basis, but it will pretty much soak up the day. After that, everything kind of smooths along until chemotherapy starts on 1/8.

shelly_rae will be here through Friday morning 12/18, calendula_witch will be back that day. We're off for tbclone47's birthday party on 12/19, then back to Portland on 12/20. calendula_witch goes home on 12/21, then the_child and I head for California on 12/26. I'll be there through 1/3, then calendula_witch will be back in Oregon 1/7 for the chemo, as will shelly_rae if her schedule permits.

Still need to get a grip on my mental and emotional state of late. With a few exceptions, I've been largely neutral or positive, but only in the last few days have I become even slightly multi-threaded again. Being single-threaded drives me batshit. I feel so limited. I could also stand for the deep freeze weather to be done with, along with the intense and chronic oversleeping the healing process brings.

Life, of course, goes on. Confirmed a couple of fiction sales recently, submitted copy edits executed by calendula_witch on my behalf, working with tbclone47 on the production issues around "The Specific Gravity of Grief", have some signature sheets to do for Subterranean Press, and yesterday for the first time managed to do some actual writing when I put in an hour and a half of revisions on Our Lady of the Islands.

So coming back to myself. Lots more to say when I get a slightly better handle on it. You guys have been brilliant.