December 17th, 2009


[links] Link salad wakes up acheing on all sides, lives to tell the tale

The found art sculpures of Michael Johansson

Shadowbeams — James Gurney on an atmospheric phenomenon I've seen a few times. First time I ever observed this I was startled as all get out.

Mayon Volcano Threatens Major Eruption — Orbital image of a Philippine volcano.

Sun-Assisted DesalinationEnergy-saving process uses free heat to desalinate seawater. I love the fact that they built this in Vancouver, BC. Um...

A ‘Super-Earth’ with an AtmosphereCentauri Dreams with more deep exoplanetary coolness.

?otD: What's the worst thing you ever got stuck in your hair?

Body movement: n/a (limited range of motion this morning)
Hours slept: 7.5
This morning's weigh-in: 226.2
Currently reading: Finch by Jeff VanderMeer


[cancer] Zombie hair, and a Harkonnen heart plug

I'm having another one of those days where if I woke up feeling this way, I'd go to the hospital. Ah, the joys of surgical recovery. At least it was day surgery, and I was fit to go home yesterday afternoon. For some value of "fit".

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Overnight I slept ok but not great — can't roll in either direction, so I'm stuck on my back like a turtle, which is decidedly not my natural sleeping position. Today I'm uncomfortable as all get-out but mentally alert, functional, and in the same low-grade surgical pain I've become accustomed to lately. No more Vicodin, no Dilaudid, so I get to keep my brain intact.

But wow, what an exhausting day. And such a fool I felt, for no good reason, when I was being cared for beyond reason.

I love my friends and family, but fuck cancer.


[photos] I am a cookie

Today my friend H— brought by some Christmas cookies. One of the ones she made was just for me:


It's a little Jay cookie with long hair, and a surgery scar in his side... Heh. I have terrific friends.

Photo © 2009 Shelly Rae Clift, used with permission.