January 20th, 2010


[links] Link salad contemplates the trainwreck of healthcare reform, thanks to MA politics

Dilbert has a difficult conversation — I have in times past had this exact conversation at work. Including the words in question. Language Log gives some analysis.

Scrivener's Error is in fully cry today — I draw your attention to the first item (FBI abuses of the PATRIOT Act — no one could possibly have predicted this!) and the last item (an interesting critique of interesting science fiction criticism).

More on the Christianist idiocy over military rifle scopes — Some Constitutional analysis, among other things.

Speaking of Christianists, more the history of the alleged Haitian pact with the devil cited by the toxic Pat Robertson

Uganda imports anti-gay bigotry from US — Christianism on the hoof, continually persecuting gay and lesbian people on a continent near you.

A Tiny Revolution says it all about the Massachusetts special election — I'll observe for my own part that if this stops healthcare reform, then the GOP strategy of "running out the clock", which they played all last year, will have paid off spectacularly. Meanwhile, the current "best in the world" system will continue to be an eventual death sentence for me personally, with pre-existing condition restrictions and lifetime coverage limitations. So to all my conservative friends opposed to HCR: pray like you've never prayed that you don't get cancer or some other expensive, chronic illness. Liberalism is a side effect of needing something more from society than you can personally give.

?otD: How would you feel about approaching a lifetime coverage limitation in your health insure coverage?

Body movement: 30 minute stationary bike ride
Hours slept: 6.0
This morning's weigh-in: 229.2
Currently reading: Bangkok 8 by John Burdett


[personal] Wednesday updates

Came back from Seattle yesterday after work via the train. Comfortable, pleasant ride that was only half an hour behind schedule. Had a nice weekend with scarlettina, then shelly_rae, as well as attending kijjohnson's birthday party, as documented by e_bourne here. (Which reminds me, I need to get the photos from scarlettina.) Played network and systems engineer at shelly_rae's house, then saw her attack a welcome burst of productivity. Somehow, with all that, also managed a lovely dinner with my friend H—, who kindly transported me from the train station at this end of things.

Today calendula_witch flies in from San Francisco. We'll have a day or so of pretending to normalcy, then chemo two of twelve on Friday. Meanwhile, I must prepare for her arrival prior to commencing Day Jobbery at the usual too-early hour of 6 am.


[cancer|writing] This is my brain on chemo

Wrote for about 90 minutes today. Which is to say, editorial discussion with calendula_witch about some revision issues in Our Lady of the Islands, then a whole bunch of editing, as well as some incidental research. (Such as learning what a trepang is.)

Had a discussion with Herself on the way home from the airport concerning my current mental deficiencies, courtesy of chemotherapy. Somewhat to my surprise, my reasoning ability seems as strong as ever, or nearly so, as does my creativity. My short-term memory is sucking wind, as is my longer term memory for things which aren't usually of immediate importance to me — ie, retrieval of obscure details. So I forget to do stuff, and I can't remember a lot of things that are normally at my mental fingertips.

(And here writing this, I just said to calendula_witch, "It was short-term memory, and what else I can't do?" Whereupon she laughed at me as she supplied the answer. Sigh.)

Ok, if this pattern holds, I'll take it. I can make a lot of notes, and look stuff up that I would normally already know. It's making me a bit crazy, but not nearly so crazy as simply being unable to think would do.