February 7th, 2010


[links] Link salad has been sitting here since Wednesday morning

Amazon and the pipeline — Anna Tambour is wise about the Amazon issues, specifically from the international perspective.

Hey, 1997 - Macmillan called, they want the Net Book Agreement backWaPo with a contrarian view of Macmillan's moves against Amazon.

As I start to write my latest book, I fear for the future of publishingThe Guardian with views on disintermediation. I submit that the role of publishers in the story telling cycle is not intermediation in the usual sense of distribution, as the publisher provides significant value add.

Kulula Air with a rather novel paint job — (Via x planes.)

Iowa Pride Network: House Republicans seek to bully gay studentsDes Moines, IA – February 4 – House Representatives Jason Schultz, R-Schleswig and Matt Windschitl, R-Missouri Valley, co-sponsored legislation introduced today which seeks to exclude LGBT students from the 2007 Iowa Safe Schools Law. Stay classy, conservative America, that's why we love you. And can anyone tell me the alleged logic behind this?

AP photo shows Palin cheated, read notes off her hand at Teabagger conference — I'm not sure why that's cheating, but it's very seventh grade. Which fits with the entire ethos of the Tea Party movement. More here. Note that Palin has mockd Obama for using a teleprompter. Using your hand is an improvement?

Saying 'Constitution' while meaning 'Lawlessness': Palin attacks Obama — "Constitutional" is one of those conservative code words that means whatever the speaker wants it to mean. Much like "original intent", which winks at the 9th amendment, disregards the 1st and worships the second. Intellectual consistency was never a conservative strong point, but Palin transcends the absurd.

?otD: Can you tell me why the bells are ringing? Nothing's happened in a million years.

Writing time yesterday: 0 minutes (infusion day)
Body movement: 40 minute suburban walk
Hours slept: 10.5 (soundly)
This morning's weigh-in: 227.0
Yesterday's chemo stress index: 8/10
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[cancer] Chemotherapy session three, day two

Yesterday was pretty low key. Watched 5/6 of the extended edition of Lord of the Rings completely with Tweetsnark. Tried to avoid being a goofball on the Internets on account of chemo brain making me a danger to myself and others. I did manage to make a brief appearance at Mother of the Child's birthday bash, with my parents and shelly_rae. Lasted a little over 30 minutes, then left.

Did have one odd moment there, when a parent from the_child's school asked me how I was doing. I mentioned chemotherapy (the pump was dangling from my chest), and she couldn't get away from me fast enough, without saying another word. I know cancer freaks some people out, badly, but I'm still surprised when it happens.

Still, it was a good day. Slept 10.5 hours last night, combination of exhaustion and Lorazepam. Watching Whip It this morning with shelly_rae before she and tillyjane unohook my pump later this afternoon. We'll follow that with the chemo bottle ritual.

Then shelly_rae is back to Seattle. calendula_witch is back on Thursday, then off to RadCon with markferrari on Friday. shelly_rae is back Friday through Sunday. calendula_witch returns Sunday. fjm arrives Monday for week's visit, which overlaps with calendula_witch and then with the next chemo round. A nonstop burbling kettle of fun here at Nuevo Rancho Lake.

Photos to come, probably.