March 5th, 2010


[links] Link salad loiters by Lake Quinalt in the Olympics

Jay Lake Gets Lostscottedelman gets funny. Very funny.

Steampunk Waterslide: 1904 — Yes, it apparently is a steam-powered waterslide. From Shorpy, bring you two centuries of strangeness on film.

Art Agitprop — For all you teachers out there.

Human Compulsions Among the Stars — Cetaceans, SETI and non-technological intelligence. From Centauri Dreams.

The Mysterious Degradation Of The Apollo Reflector Arrays — Interesting space hardware geekery.

[California State] Sen. Roy Ashburn at Gay Nightclub Before DUI ArrestCBS-13 notes that Ashburn has opposed every gay rights measure to come before the Senate over the last eight years. Republican family values. Confidential to GOP in America: closet much?

Patriot Act Reauthorized -- Surreptitiously — A move worthy of the worst Republican excesses. Thanks, Dems. (Thanks to lt260.)

Memo Reveals GOP Plan to Exploit Fear of Obama — If you can't win on principles, stir shit. Pretty tough if you don't have principles, isn't it?

Bachmann Learns To Support The Census — Speaking of principles, even asylum-grade lunatics can be made to see reason, if their own fortunes are at stake.

US Democrats would kill healthcare over abortion — Stay classy, Stupak. Women and girls across America look to you to ensure their shame, heartbreak and early deaths in the name of the forced pregnancy movement. Blue Dog Dems, finishing the madness begun by the GOP. Are you proud of your Democratic party?

?otD: Ever seen the Lake effect?

Writing time yesterday: 1 hour
Body movement: 60 minute rural walk
Hours slept: 7.25 (slept well)
This morning's weigh-in: n/a
Yesterday's chemo stress index: 2/10
Currently reading: [between books]


[conventions] Rain Forest Writers Workshop, Day 1

Having a lovely time here at the Rain Forest Writers Village. calendula_witch and I have a nice cabin with a lake view. We meet, as always, in the lounge. This morning I was up early enough to meet the least of the night owls heading out, in this case tbclone47 and mikigal. Dinner last night with jimvanpelt and jennifer_brozek, with kibitzery by kenscholes and criada, as well as various other folks.

I am really enjoying seeing lots of old friends and new here. bravado111, brendacooper, and so many more. Given the social isolation imposed by chemo, this is a huge mental and emotional vacation for me. Due to the chemo as well, I didn't have the time to take off from the Day Jobbe, so I'm working it these first two days, which is keeping my writing time down to about an hour a day. I'm planning to spend a lot more time writing tomorrow, and some Sunday morning before we all bail out for our respective homes. I am giving a presentation this afternoon on writing through adversity.

Endurance continues apace. Yesterday I got through all the plot note issues, and now have a readable draft. I hope to conclude one more deep read this weekend (I started it this morning) before sending it out to first readers on Sunday or Monday.

So, all good. I am happy we came.


[cancer] Side effects down to a dull roar

Let's see. Sleeping well. GI behaving. No peripheral neuropathy. Mouth issues under control, albeit still annoying. Brain function largely intact for the nonce. Emotional crashes smoothed out. Slowly accepting that the bald look might actually be sexy and cool.

Golly, not much to report beyond mild headaches, much lower grade mouth distress, and the continuing extreme fatigue. Amazing.

I still don't feel normal, but I think if I squint, I can see it from here.